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Category: Cryptography » Data Encryption

Added 2002-05-30
by Goldie R
This is a blowfish encryption suite that uses CBC mode of encryption for encryption and decryption of files. It is written in java and henceforth can be used on all the platforms that supports java. The source code is given under the GPL license. Make use of it and protect your assets. Please find the answers in the readme.txt for your questions of usage.

Added 2002-05-24
by Ramsey G. Brenner
XORCrypt is an OTP encryption suite. It is (almost) a complete OTP solution. It includes programs to create keys, create fake keys, encrypt, and decrypt.

Added 2002-05-23
by Ramsey G. Brenner
XORCrypt is an OTP encryption suite. It is (almost) a complete OTP solution. It includes programs to create keys, create fake keys, encrypt, and decrypt.

COMU Privacy Guard
Added 2002-05-21
by Faruk
CPG (COMU Privacy Guard) is a Web-based shell for GNU Privacy Guard. It enables users to perform the main functions of GnuPG on the Web.

FireWall-1 Session Agent for UNIX
Added 2002-05-13
by Andreas Mallek
FireWall-1 Session Agent for UNIX is a FireWall-1 Session Authentication tool for the popular CheckPoint FireWall-1.

The GNU Privacy Guard
Added 2002-05-07
by Tushar
GnuPG (the GNU Privacy Guard) is GNU's tool for secure communication and data storage. It can be used to encrypt data and to create digital signatures. It includes an advanced key management facility and is compliant with the proposed OpenPGP Internet standard as described in RFC2440. As such, it is meant to be compatible with PGP from NAI, Inc. Because it does not use any patented algorithms, it can be used without any restrictions.

Added 2002-05-01
by Tomas Svensson
TLSWrap is a TLS/SSL FTP wrapper/proxy for UNIX and WIN32, allowing you to use your favourite FTP client with any TLS/SSL-enabled FTP server. Features include full encryption of both control and data connections.

Added 2002-04-30
by celer
Keyring is an application for the Qtopia palmtop environment, specifically designed for the Sharp SL 5500. It allows users to store passwords and account information in a resonably secure fashion. Blowfish encryption is used to encrypt data in flash.

Added 2002-04-29
by dac
ssmart is a little Perl script to store a secure shell identity/cfs passwords blowfish encrypted to a smartcard. There will be no local copy of your identity on your hard drive, or even worse on an NFS share. It also allows you to quick mount all stored cfs directories, and it has a GNOME GUI (useful if you want it to use it with your .xinitrc). It uses the smartcard program to interact with the chipdrive.

DSCMD - DataSAFE Command Line Encryptor
Added 2002-04-26
by Regnoc Software
DSCMD allows you to encrypt source files for secure storage, transmission via the Internet, and e-mail attachments. Only someone who knows the eight-character locking combination can recover the contents of the encrypted file. DSCMD is completely command-line driven, and simple to integrate into your programs and scripts on both Windows NT and Linux servers.

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