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Category: Utilities » Network

Added 2003-08-06
by mardan
netstat-nat is a small program written in C which displays NAT connections created by the iptables conntrack module.

GKrellM gamma
Added 2003-07-31
by Gregory Thiemonge
Gkrellm gamma is a Gkrellm plugin which allows you to control your monitor's gamma correction with XFree86 (as xgamma).

Added 2003-07-14
by Yanick Belanger
JSecureTunneling is a Java SSH client that is entirely oriented toward the management of SSH tunnels, offering the ability to establish secure and permanent tunnels to a remote SSH server transparently, just like a simple network connection. The key features are: auto-reconnection, connection monitoring, connection triggers, tunneling changes on-the-fly, and profile management.

Added 2003-07-10
by Tiago Halm
IISBanner is an IIS ISAPI Filter that can be used to specify a replacement for IIS's built in "Server" header, or even to instruct IIS to not use the "Server" response header altogether. The configuration is made by an .ini file, namely "IISBanner.ini". This configuration file must reside in the same directory of IISBanner.dll.

flashboot for OpenBSD
Added 2003-06-19
by Damien Miller
flashboot for OpenBSD is a set of makefiles, scripts, and support tools to build an OpenBSD image suitable for booting from read-only media, such as flash memory. The default image (<7Mb) is an image for a firewall/router with support for IPsec, SSH, IPv4 and IPv6 packet filtering, DHCP (client and server), and PPPoE. This image may be further trimmed or extended by editing the packing list files included in the distribution.

Monitoring Application for Resources and Servers
Added 2003-06-16
by Brian H. Trammell Ben Parrot
MARS is a host based system monitoring tool. It contains a distributed agent, SPOT, which is placed on each host. The MARS server can then obtain information about each of the machines the agent is running on, including status, load information, disk activity and memory information. MARS is Java based, and should run on any Unix supporting Java, as well as Microsoft Windows products.

Added 2003-06-04
by Simon Castro
Cctt, "Covert Channel Tunneling Tool" is a tool presenting several exploitation techniques allowing the creation of arbitrary data transfer channels in the data streams authorized by a network access control system.

Added 2003-06-03
by Alex
Wsh, "Web shell" is a remote UNIX/WIN shell, that works via HTTP/HTTPS. The package contains two perl scripts for server and client hosts: the first one is for console usage and the second one runs as CGI script on the target host.

Added 2003-06-03
by Alex
Firepass is a tunneling tool, allowing to bypass firewall restrictions and encapsulate data flows inside legal ones to use HTTP POST requests. TCP or UDP based protocols may be tunneled with Firepass. For now, both - client and server parts are written in Perl. C versions will be published soon. The Firepass key feature is that you may use several type of installation of the server part script in the external network. You do not need to bind any port on the external box. Everything looks clear from local and external boxes administrators point of view. There is only an usual HTTP dialog between client and server. The only problem is that HTTP messages are sends too often.. But this is configurable in the Firepass client with a special delay option between HTTP requests. It may be applied to some non time critical protocols. Firepass may also be usable for the reverse task, when the server script is located at the corporative web server and when client interact with it from the external network.

Added 2003-06-03
by Ethan Galstad
Nagios is a daemon written in C that is designed to monitor networked hosts and services. It has the ability to notify contacts (via email, pager or other methods) when problems arise and are resolved. Host and service checks are performed by external "plugins", making it easy to write custom checks in your language of choice. Several CGIs are included in order to allow you to view the current and historical status via a Web browser, and a WAP interface is also provided to allow you to acknowlege problems and disable notifications from an internet-ready cellphone.

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