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Category: Policy Enforcement

Added 2002-12-03
by poplix
fk_html is a standard filter for incoming mail. It runs on your local machine as a fake POP3 server that redirects your mail client connections to your real POP3 server. Doing that it can scan, filter, and convert your incoming emails and is totally independent from your mail client type or version It provides multiple account settings, conversion from HTML mail to plaintext mail, removal of scripts from HTML mail and attachments, address filtering based on blocklist and allowlist, the ability to apply different policies to different accounts, and SSL support (also for non-secure clients, in which case only the loopback connection is not encrypted).

Added 2002-11-08
by Metamagix OEG
MAILMILL is a lightweight mail-receiving component built in Java. It listens on the SMTP port for incoming messages, and once they arrive it looks in its XML-based ruleset for corresponding filters to apply. It is intended for Java developers who need mailserver functionality and want to build their own Java classes for processing incoming mail. Standard filters include forwarding, SMS, SMTP/HTTP conversion (e.g., send a google request by mail) and more.

Annoyance Filter
Added 2002-11-07
by John Walker
Annoyance Filter sifts mail you wish to read from junk arriving in your mailbox by an adaptive process which gives priority to mail you're interested in reading, and evolves to block cleverly disguised junk mail.

Added 2002-11-07
by The Midnite Marauder
tnefclean is a Perl script that allows users of any mail client to receive email and attachments from MS Outlook and Exchange users without having to decode winmail.dat files. Email is disassembled and reassembled on the fly to make them conform more closely to accepted standards.

Green Black List Creator for Procmail Recipes
Added 2002-11-01
by Todd V. Rovito
Green Black List Creator for Procmail Recipes reads a .aliases file and an orgs file and creates procmail recipes to filter your mail. The README file includes configuration information for procmail to help fight spam.

Mail Master
Added 2002-10-29
by Ken Biggs
Mail Master is a full distributed management interface integrating sendmail, SpamAssassin, horde, and Open Anti-virus. It includes unlimited users, integrated anti-virus, user configurable spam-filter, a Web mail interface, disk quotas, custom sendmail setup, POP3, IMAP, and multi-level management (lets domain administrators and users manage their mail settings).

Bayesian Mail Filter
Added 2002-10-21
by Tom Marshall
This is a mail filter which uses the Bayes algorithm as explained in Paul Graham's article "A Plan for Spam". It aims to be smaller, faster, and more versatile than other filters. The implementation is ANSI C and uses POSIX functions. Supported platforms are (in theory) all POSIX systems. It is independent from external programs and libraries, supports multiple database formats (flat files, libdb, and MySQL), and uses efficient zero-copy processing. SpamAssassin style passthru mode and headers are supported.

Added 2002-10-02
by Volatile
EPS (Email Processing System) is a set of API for parsing email messages. It is fast, thread-safe, understands content types and MIME, and has been extensively tested. It features re-entry routines to cut down on memory allocation and de-allocation.

Added 2002-09-30
by Emmanuel Vasilakis
SpamX is a small application which cleans unwanted email from your POP3 mail account. It does so by logging in directly to your server and deleting messages on the spot, without having to download them locally. It also includes bouncing back to spammers.

Added 2002-09-27
by josiahcarlson
PASP is a Bayesian-like spam filter that can be used as a POP3 proxy.

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