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Laptop Security, Part Two: Protecting Information on a Stolen Laptop
This is the second of a two-part series on laptop security. In the first installment of this series on Laptop Security we discussed methods of preventing laptop theft using both hardware and software solutions. This article will cover some good methods of mitigating loss when a laptop has been stolen.
By: Josh Ryder 2001-08-13

Laptop Security, Part One: Preventing Laptop Theft
Laptops have become a valuable part of the computing arsenal. Unfortunately, the mobility, power and connectivity that make laptops so useful to employees and organizations also makes them valuable prizes for thieves. This article, the first in a two-part series devoted to laptop security, will give a brief overview of how users can prevent laptop theft. The second article in this series will discuss steps that users can take to minimize the loss of valuable information through laptop theft.
By: Josh Ryder 2001-07-30

Welcome to the SecurityFocus "The Basics" Focus Area
By: Stephen Entwisle 2000-11-06

An Introduction to Incident Handling

By: Chad Cook 2000-11-29

Identifying ICMP Hackery Tools Used In The Wild Today
By: Ofir Arkin 2000-12-04

Firewalls For Beginners
By: Sunil Hazari 2000-11-06

Introduction to Encryption
By: Chad Cook 2000-11-06

A Beginner's Guide to the Internet
By: Stephen Entwisle 2000-11-06

Evaluating Anti-Virus Software for Home Use
By: Paul Schmehl 2001-03-14

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