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Browsers, phishing, and user interface design
by Scott Granneman, 2006-06-05
Phishing works for so many reasons, we need to rethink browser and user interface design to provide some real-life security to the average user who doesn't see or understand the security cues.

Abandon e-mail!
by Kelly Martin, 2006-05-30
Kelly Martin takes a step back from e-mail's unstoppable phishing-virus-spam epidemic and imagines a world where secure e-mail could be the next big killer app.

Protection from prying NSA eyes
by Mark Rasch, 2006-05-15
From the U.S. Fourth Amendment, the Stored Communications Act and U.S. wiretap laws to the Pen-register statute, Mark Rasch looks at legal protections available to the telecommunication companies and individual Americans in the wake of the NSA's massive spying program.

The quest for ring 0
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2006-05-10
Federico Biancuzzi interviews French researcher Loïc Duflot to learn more about the System Management Mode attack, how to mitigate it, what hardware is vulnerable, and why we should be concerned with recent X Server bugs.

Innovative ways to fool people
by Scott Granneman, 2006-05-04
Scott Granneman's latest column looks at recent security examples where people have been fooled in increasingly innovative ways: from keyloggers used in a massive bank heist and new Trojans that encrypt data and request ransom money, to real financial rip-offs that extend out from online virtual gaming worlds like World of Warcraft.

Sendmail and secure design
by Jason Miller, 2006-05-01
Sendmail's wide market share, ancient code base and long vulnerability history make it an interesting example about the need for software to start from a secure design.

Forensic felonies
by Mark Rasch, 2006-04-24
A new law in Georgia on private investigators extends to computer forensics and computer incident response, meaning that forensics experts who testify in court without a PI license may be committing a felony.

Stop the bots
by Kelly Martin, 2006-04-18
Botnets are a major source of evil on the Internet, from spam, phishing attacks, virus propagation and denial-of-service attacks to the stealing of financial information and other illegal activity. Does disbanding them raise legal and ethical implications?

Virtualization for security
by Scott Granneman, 2006-04-12
Scott Granneman gives an overview of the virtualization options for all three major operating system families and looks at the many ways the technology can improve your security posture in an organization or at home.

This Means Warcraft!
by Mark Rasch, 2006-04-03
A recent World of Warcraft case involved a WoW book by Brian Knopp that was being sold on eBay. It resulted in automated takedown notices by "lawyerbots" and shows how the legal process today can end up silencing legitimate uses of trademarks and copyrights.

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