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Category: Cryptography

Added 2003-10-15
by Stefan Hetzl
Steghide is steganography program which hides bits of a data file in some of the least significant bits of another file in such a way that the existence of the data file is not visible and cannot be proven. Steghide is designed to be portable and configurable and features hiding data in bmp, wav and au files, blowfish encryption, MD5 hashing of passphrases to blowfish keys, and pseudo-random distribution of hidden bits in the container data.

Added 2003-10-14
by Filippo Vitale
axis-wsse is an external library for the Apache project Axis implementing UsernameToken spec from the working draft Web Services Security Username Token Profile ver1.1(Sunday, 26 Janurary 2003).

Added 2003-09-24
by Anthony Mulcahy
borZoi is an elliptic curve cryptography library for developers who want a simple means of adding privacy protection to their applications. Ease of use and a minimum risk of security problems due to incorrect use are its strong points.

Bugs Dynamic Cryptography
Added 2003-09-18
by Sylvain Martinez
Bugs Dynamic Cryptography is a private key cryptography algorithm. The package includes a C Library and many sample applications, including ones for file encryption, secure chatting, and login applications. The algorithm handles stream and block encryption, unlimited Keylength, and a strong key generator. Documentation and a developer HOWTO are included.

Added 2003-09-18
by Maik Broemme
libmtcrypt aims to be a modern block cipher encryption and decryption library. It features architecture dependent assembler optimized cipher algorithms. It also comes with plain C routines, to obtain compatibility. For all ciphers the passphrases are hashed and iterated so that collision and dictionary attacks are impossible.

Novosec Bouncy Castle Extensions
Added 2003-09-12
by Johannes Nicolai
Novosec Bouncy Castle Extensions provides some extensions to the Bouncy Castle Cryptography framework. It features an OCSP (RFC 2560) server and client that work with the Bouncy Castle OCSP generators and parsers, and a full tested implementation of CMP (RFC 2510, RFC 2511) generator and parser classes, that also rely on Bouncy Castle classes.

Added 2003-09-08
by Richard Pernavas
SSHTerm is a Java SSH client that provides a whole range of features, including port forwarding, password authentication, public-key authentication, ANSI/VT100/VT220/VT320 terminal, full clipboard support, record and playback input/output, and the ability to load/save connection settings to a file.

PKI Tools
Added 2003-09-03
by KimBoGum
PKIT is a Java toolkit for performing common PKI related tasks. It currently can be used to sign a cert in a well formed manner for various uses: non repudiation, key encipherment, data encipherment, cert signing, generating certifcate reqequests, importing and exporting certs from keystores similar to 'keytool', and converting keystores from one format to another.

Added 2003-08-29
by W. Michael Petullo
The cryptoswap package supports creating an encrypted swap partition when a system boots. This may be necessary on systems that use encrypted filesystems because plaintext secrets may be written to disk when memory is swapped to disk. The project also includes the ability to build a Linux initrd that supports booting with an encrypted root filesystem.

Added 2003-08-29
by Geekoid
Email sends email to remote SMTP servers via the command line, which makes it useful in cron jobs. It will send to any RFC standard remote ESMTP server, and will allow you to encrypt, sign, and design your message on the fly. It has the capability to use signature files with dynamic options, address book functionality, and users can also attach pictures, binary files, documents, or whatever they want. It is completely compatible with GNUPG for encryption and signing, and is easy to configure and use.

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