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OpenSSH cutting edge
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2005-12-19
Federico Biancuzzi interviews OpenSSH developer Damien Miller to discuss features included in the upcoming version 4.3, public key crypto protocols details, timing based attacks and anti-worm measures.

Users inundated with pop-ups
by Scott Granneman, 2005-12-12
There are many examples where users are now being inundated with pop-up messages asking them to respond to things they don't know about or don't understand, and it leads to weaker security overall.

Trusting software
by Jason Miller, 2005-12-07
Trust is in everything we do, from the important to the mundane. Whether it's open-source or closed-source, how do we evaluate what software, companies and projects are safe to trust?

Regaining control
by Kelly Martin, 2005-11-29
Securing endpoint systems by locking them down using complex software brings back memories of another era, where business computers were once used for business applications only - and businesses retained control over their assets and data.

Tenable discusses the Nessus 3 release
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2005-11-24
SecurityFocus interviews Ron Gula to get a glimpse of Tenable's upcoming free (but closed-source) Nessus 3 vulnerability scanner. The discussion looks at license changes, community involvement, daemon security, new features, GPL open-source versus free, NASL, and more.

by Scott Granneman, 2005-11-22
The Sony story brings up dozens of questions about where we are headed with DRM issues and security, and what's really at stake.

Sony's legal issues
by Mark Rasch, 2005-11-14
Sony is in the spotlight over the rootkit they distribute on some of their music CDs, and it brings up interesting legal issues relating to EULAs and enforcement by the FTC.

Linux worm overrated
by Daniel Hanson, 2005-11-09
The latest and greatest Linux worm isn't the most elegant or fastest spreading worm, or even one that's difficult to stop, but it still offers a warning for Web developers and administrators everywhere.

Automatic graylisting of unwanted software
by Dr. Todd Brennan, 2005-11-03
In the race to secure endpoint systems, a new approach known as automatic graylisting can give administrators control over unwanted software installed on end user systems.

Balancing surveillance
by Scott Granneman, 2005-11-01
With camera and network surveillance now commonplace, and database abuse continuing to appear, how do we balance the positive side of security along with its potential for abuse?

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