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The click-wrap conundrum
by Mark Rasch, 2005-10-24
With the rise of spyware, the fact that you didn't understand what you were doing by downloading and installing the software doesn't mean you weren't bound by the End User License Agreement (EULA). However, the FTC argues otherwise.

Evolution of Web-based worms
by Daniel Hanson, 2005-10-20
The Myspace Web worm used a simple vulnerability and XSS to propagate, and it might be a sign of things to come.

Two-factor banking
by Kelly Martin, 2005-10-18
Trust in financial institutions is eroding as phishing scams grow exponentially; adding two-factor authentication is our only hope.

ICANN on center stage
by Scott Granneman, 2005-10-13
ICANN and the U.S. government reach center stage next month in Tunisia, as the future of IP address assignments and U.S. control of the root DNS on the Internet turns into a hotbed of debate.

OpenBSD's network stack
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2005-10-12
Federico Biancuzzi interviews three OpenBSD developers about their network stack protection against ICMP attacks, a short comparison with Linux' stack, and some thoughts on OpenBGPD.

Can writing software be a crime?
by Mark Rasch, 2005-10-03
A recent case shows the government attempting to prosecute the developer of a key logger software that can be used for both lawful and unlawful purposes.

Security-related innovation in Unix
by Jason Miller, 2005-09-28
Keep an eye on the new heap implementation that's being integrated into OpenBSD.

Windows rootkits come of age
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2005-09-27
An interview with Greg Hoglund and Jamie Butler on the state of Windows rootkits discusses how quickly they have evolved, and how slow vendors have been to address the issues.

Skype security and privacy concerns
by Scott Granneman, 2005-09-22
Skype already has security concerns that professionals need to be aware of, and its recent purchase by eBay means there are even greater privacy and security issues looming on the horizon.

Anonymity made easy
by Matthew Tanase, 2005-09-21
This article looks at anonymity and privacy options available to the average user on the changing landscape of the Internet.

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