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Crime? What crime?
by Kelly Martin, 2005-09-14
Hackers have become so detached from their crimes that they'll attack little old ladies and the American Red Cross, and feel perfectly fine about it.

Security lessons from Katrina
by Mark Rasch, 2005-09-12
There are some important lessons that all security people should learn (but probably won't) from hurricane Katrina.

Embedded market ripe for picking
by Daniel Hanson, 2005-09-09
Embedded devices, from routers to refrigerators, have vulnerabilities but often there is no clear way to update and patch these systems. That makes some of them ripe for exploit.

A changing landscape
by Rohyt Belani, 2005-09-07
As the number of reported security breaches skyrockets compared to the number of vendor-published vulnerabilities, we have to look at the compromise of the average end-user as the inevitable result.

Exploiting Cisco with FX
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2005-08-31
This interview with FX discusses Cisco IOS exploitation, Michael Lynn's work, and what FX believes can be done when hacking IOS.

The great firewall of China
by Scott Granneman, 2005-08-30
When a barrage of attacks and hacking attempts come from IP addresses traced back to China, and you don't do any business in China, do you block their entire IP address range and call it a day?

Legal disassembly
by Mark Rasch, 2005-08-22
Is disassembly, decompiling and reverse engineering commercial software products legal? Can it be bound by copyright law or a software license agreement?

It's only a matter of time...
by Jason Miller, 2005-08-18
Apple is going to have to patch sooner once they start to be targeted by attackers.

Jose Nazario discusses worms
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2005-08-16
Interview with Jose Nazario to discuss worms and the design goals and propagation mechanisms behind them.

Greasing the wheel with Greasemonkey
by Scott Granneman, 2005-08-08
With any new technology there are always a discussions about new functionality versus new security holes, and open source versus closed source software. Greasemonkey is a great example of what works and what doesn't.

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