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Platform: Python

Active Spam Killer
Added 2003-07-03
by Marco Paganini
Active Spam Killer (ASK) protects your email account against spam by confirming the sender's email address before actual delivery takes place. The confirmation happens by means of a "confirmation message" that is automatically sent to all "unknown" users. Once the sender replies to that message (a simple reply will do), future emails from that person will be delivered immediately. You can also specify (regexp) addresses to be immediately accepted, rejected (with a nastygram) or ignored. The package also includes a utility to scan your old mailboxes and generate a list of emails to be accepted automatically.

Added 2003-06-25
by Tyler Lane
Heartbeat is a server and service monitoring program written in PyGTK, featuring XML configuration and support for unlimited servers and services.

Web of Trust Statistics and Pathfinder
Added 2003-03-28
by Jörgen Cederlöf
Web of Trust Statistics and Pathfinder (Wotsap) is a program for graphing all the shortest paths between two keys in the OpenPGP Web of Trust. These paths can be presented as text or as PNG images. Additionally, it can generate statistics about keys and the whole strongly-connected set.

IMAP Spam Begone
Added 2003-01-21
by balamw
IMAP Spam Begone is a script that scans an IMAP inbox for spam using SpamAssassin, moving any found to another folder. Unlike normal mail setups it does not need to be involved in mail delivery, and can be run on a completely different machine to where your mailbox is stored.

Python OpenSSL Wrappers
Added 2002-09-20
by shannon
Python OpenSSL Wrappers (POW) is an early release as it is now. The intention was to quickly cover the breadth of the OpenSSL library, then the depth of particular areas. Future releases will focus on bug fixes, and filling missing gaps in the API. The digests and ciphers should be adequate for most purposes as should the SSL wrappers. Although certificates and CRLs can be generated using this library, no extension support has been included in the current release.

Added 2002-07-29
by George Schlossnagle
VXTop is a curses 'top'-style GUI for monitoring Veritas vxstat output, written in Python. It provides a hierarchical view of your disk groups, and allows for drilling down through the objects.

Tagged Message Delivery Agent
Added 2002-04-24
by Jason R. Mastaler
The Tagged Message Delivery Agent (TMDA) reduces the amount of SPAM/UCE (junkmail) you receive. It combines a "whitelist" (for known/trusted senders), a "blacklist" (for undesired senders), and a cryptographically-enhanced confirmation system (for unknown, but legitimate, senders).

Added 2001-10-22
by Shawn Farkas, software@sfarkas.net
PyMD5Pwd provides the md5pwd module for Python 1.5. It allows Python scripts to access passwords that are not stored with the crypt() algorithm, but rather with a MD5 hashing algorithm. PyMD5Pwd is not limited to simply accessing /etc/shadow or /etc/passwd; it can be used to create a seperate, secure, password database for your application.

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