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B1 Sample Source Code
Added 2001-10-22
by SGI
This source code provides a sample implementation of a B1 rated trusted system. This project is aimed squarely at developers interested in implementing trusted systems, the code that comprises this release will not work, it wont even compile. It is provided soley as a reference base for interested parties to investigate. The code has been extracted from the Trusted Irix product and provides an implementation of Manditory Access Control (MAC), Capabilities, Access Control Lists (ALCs), an Audit Trail and supporting networking code, such as netinet, netstat, nfs. The code comprises, kernel code, library code and application code, along with man pages and design and specification documents.

Electric Death Ferret
Added 2001-10-22
by Serge Egelman, serge@guanotronic.com
Electric Death Ferret is a PHP3 script for entering new domains and virtual hosts online so that they can be setup automagically by the included Perl daemon in both Apache, NcFTPd, and BIND. This also includes setup for suexec and also includes another PHP3 script for setting up system users. These system accounts are for dialup customers and mail-only accounts. There is also an option for creating aliases in Sendmail and for converting a full dialup account into a mail-only one (this is done by editing the RADIUS file).

Added 2001-10-22
by Martin Prikryl
WinSCP can do all basic operations with files, such as copying and moving (to and from a remote computer). It also allows you to rename files and folders (on both remote and local computer), create new folders (on both remote and local computer), change access rights (only on remote computer) and change groups (only on remote computer).

Sentinel Security Toolkit
Added 2001-10-22
by Zurk
Sentinel is a fast file scanner similar to Tripwire or Viper with built in authentication using the RIPEMD 160 bit MAC hashing function. It uses a single database similar to Tripwire, maintains file integrity using the RIPEMD algorithm and also produces secure, signed logfiles. Its main design goal is to detect intruders modifying files. It also prevents intruders with root/superuser permissions from tampering with its log files and database. Disclaimer: this is not a security toolkit. It is a single purpose file/drive scanning program. Available versions are for linux (tested on all current Slackware and RedHat releases), with Irix versions soon to be added on.

Tech Tracker
Added 2001-10-22
by Anyah
Tech Tracker is a Web-based IT tracking system that strives to be simple-to-administrate and use, yet powerful. Its features include problem tracking, hardware asset tracking, customizable lookup lists, varying levels of access, user management from the Web interface, and and the ability to import data.

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