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Category: Cryptography » Libraries

Added 2003-09-18
by Maik Broemme
libmtcrypt aims to be a modern block cipher encryption and decryption library. It features architecture dependent assembler optimized cipher algorithms. It also comes with plain C routines, to obtain compatibility. For all ciphers the passphrases are hashed and iterated so that collision and dictionary attacks are impossible.

Novosec Bouncy Castle Extensions
Added 2003-09-12
by Johannes Nicolai
Novosec Bouncy Castle Extensions provides some extensions to the Bouncy Castle Cryptography framework. It features an OCSP (RFC 2560) server and client that work with the Bouncy Castle OCSP generators and parsers, and a full tested implementation of CMP (RFC 2510, RFC 2511) generator and parser classes, that also rely on Bouncy Castle classes.

PKI Tools
Added 2003-09-03
by KimBoGum
PKIT is a Java toolkit for performing common PKI related tasks. It currently can be used to sign a cert in a well formed manner for various uses: non repudiation, key encipherment, data encipherment, cert signing, generating certifcate reqequests, importing and exporting certs from keystores similar to 'keytool', and converting keystores from one format to another.

Added 2003-08-18
by Bob Deblier, bob.deblier@pandora.be
BeeCrypt is an ongoing project to provide strong and fast cryptography in the form of a toolkit usable by commercial and open source projects. Included in the library are entropy sources, random generators, block ciphers, hash functions, message authentication codes, multiprecision integer routines, and public key primitives.

Added 2003-07-31
by Samuel Hocevar
libdvdcss is a cross-platform library for transparent DVD device access with on the fly CSS decryption. It currently runs under Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, BSD/OS, Solaris, BeOS, Win98, Win2k and MacOS X. It is used for the vlc DVD player because of its portability and because, unlike similar libraries, it does not require your DVD drive to be region-locked.

Added 2003-07-28
by Bakunin - Andrea Marchesini
_malloc is a library that is able to randomize the normal malloc function to make it more secure from possible memory reading. It allocates data in bits with random keys, without increasing size or the time required to access the data. The library includes rewritten versions of all ANSI C functions for memory use (such as memset and memccpy). There are also some functions for debugging, querying the memory status, and changing the keys.

Added 2003-07-16
by Tom St Denis
LibTomMath provides highly optimized and portable routines for a vast majority of integer-based number theoretic applications (including public key cryptography).

Added 2003-06-24
by Tom St Denis
LibTomCrypt is a comprehensive, modular, and portable cryptographic toolkit that provides developers with a vast array of well known published block ciphers, one-way hash functions, chaining modes, pseudo- random number generators, public key cryptography, and a plethora of other routines. It has been designed from the ground up to be very simple to use. It has a modular and standard API that allows new ciphers, hashes, and PRNGs to be added or removed without change to the overall end application. It features easy to use functions and a complete user manual which has many source snippet examples.

Added 2003-06-11
by Tim Tassonis
aesutil is a small library and command line program to encrypt or decrypt data using the Rijndael algorithm in CBC mode.

RSA implementation in Haskell
Added 2003-06-09
by David J. Sankel
RSA implementation in Haskell (rsa-haskell) contains the Simple and Strong Cryptography program set and Haskell libraries of several cryptographic standards. The libraries include Haskell implementations of SHA1, EME-OAEP, EMSA-PSS, MGF, RSAES-OAEP, and RSA-PSS. These standards implement signature/verification, strong cryptography, and hashing. Also included in the library is a general number theory library. The Simple and Strong Cryptography program set contains simple programs for encrypting and decrypting files as well as signature verification with public key cryptography.

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