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Category: Cryptography » Data Encryption

Steganos Safe Professional 2006
Added 2005-12-13
by Steganos GmbH
Steganos Safe Pro 2006 is a file encryption software product designed specifically for the SMB market. Based on Steganos' successful consumer market version, Steganos Safe 2006, the product enables users to securely store an unlimited amount of data on 64 GB virtual hard drives. The Pro version, however, enables these drives to be mounted on a network. The secure drives can be opened by manually entering a password or attaching a password-holding mobile device like a USB stick. The software also provides Emergency Decryption Keys to access Safe contents if the original password gets lost. It also features the ability to securely transfer confidential data from one PC or laptop to another; file shredding capabilities and anti-crash protection.

SafeGuard Easy by Utimaco
Added 2005-09-14
by Utimaco Safeware
Total hard disk encryption using AES and Blowfish. Uses Pre-Boot Authentication for complete protection of your system

Added 2005-08-16
by João Gomes
A freeware application that allows you to use AES encryption to secure your files. FreeSecurity is developed in Java and requires only that your operating system has a Java Runtime Environment.

Added 2005-04-11
by CCC Morocco Team
Enig3 is a free cryptography tool that can encrypt/decrypt content/data using your own private generated 128 Bits Enig3-Key, was developed on CCC-Morocco Labs, using the most complex cryptographic methodologies. It uses a Flow-Encoding technique which is done in 3 phases...

Added 2005-03-21
by HardwareCrasher
Encrypts text using numeric combinations and two algorithms, One of the algorithms uses 5 different numeric combinations.

Secure Hive
Added 2005-02-04
by Secure Hive
What Does Secure Hive Enterprise Offer? Encryption of part, or entire, Word documents, Excel worksheets or PowerPoint presentations through Secure Hive's integration with Microsoft Office. Encryption of part, or entire, content of common documents (such as Notepad, WordPad), email messages and instant messages, including mixed text and graphics, with Secure Hive's Clipboard Encryption feature.

Dekart Private Disk
Added 2004-11-22
by Dekart
Private Disk - is an easy-to-use, reliable, user-friendly and smart program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions (drive letters) to keep your private and confidential data secure. Uses 256-bit AES encryption.

PHP_Sec (Wasp Project)
Added 2004-10-07
by Jose Antonio Coret (Joxean Koret)
PHP_Sec is a library for PHP, designed to detect possible Web attacks, use encryption and log information quickly and easily. The library acts as an IDS but at script level detecting possible SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Directory Traversal, Evasion Techniques and various other vulnerabilties. By adding 2 lines of code we can protect any application PHP application in an easy way.

Extreme Editor:
Added 2004-10-04
by Uri Fridman
multi-tabbed ASCII editor with encryption capabilities. Encryption of edited text and clipboard using Twofish.

EPX Crypting Software
Added 2004-09-16
by EdronSoft
Protect your documents from others by encrypting them with DES and Triple DES strong algorithms. No need to remember passwords because you keep the key used for the decryption in a removable media device such as usb pen-drive (or floppy disk). Wipe function to destroy data and full Drag'N Drop support.

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