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Info Tech Professional Random Password Generator
Added 2001-10-22
by Mark Patterson
The Info Tech Professional Random Password Generator allows the system administrator the choice of generating passwords of any length between 0 and 100 characters and in any combination of three basic character types: alpha characters (upper and lower case), numbers, or special characters.

The Lock 98
Added 2001-10-22
by Rob Boulden
Complete Windows 95 desktop protection for a stand-alone or networked workstation system. Features: Numerous Windows 95 System Policy items and new Netware network options. SimpleLock mode for quick-start locking of the system Multiple user capabilities 90 user-defined access levels for granting/restricting access to 5000 or more users User level protection including: Disable access to: My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, Network Sharing Control, Network Setup, Device Manager, Display Settings, Printer Configuration Controls. System resource protection (Folder or file, including wild-carding) set to read only or no access Ability to restrict or allow access to individual applications, including the system tray and desktop Ability to configure virtual desktops and Start Menu Programs folders for each group level Automatically log-off users after a set amount of time Group level login time restrictions Netware groups used for user profile groups. No need to enter Netwere user names individually. User Profile database may be stored on a network resource for easy multi-station configuration User Profile wizard for easy Group level configuration Setup wizard for easy Lock configuration Security Wizard to increase security and simplify configuration Three levels of profile datafile encryption Documentation and help in RTF (Rich Text) format as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format Keep screen blanked between Splash screen and blankscreen during password entry Workstation monitoring and remote install and update via the The Lock's Network Tools Administrator-specific options for customizing multiple-user computer systems User-customizable settings for non-security related options Launch current screen saver on system lock Integrated DOS protection for boot-up security Integrated system-wide idle timer for automatic locking of the system after inactivity Hotkey support for commonly-used functions Password authentication via: Local password file; Novell Netware 3.12 / 4.1x NDS and Bindery; Windows NT Server validation; Centralized Windows 95 password validation (requires CrashCourseNetwork Validator) .

RegEdit (SomarSoft)
Added 2001-10-22
by SomarSoft
Somarsoft RegEdit, a DLL callable by 32 bit Visual Basic that can be used to view and/or modify user registry profile.

Security Focus Pager
Added 2001-10-22
by Security Focus
The Security Focus Pager is a small utility to keep the user updated on the latest happenings in the computer security industry. It does this by monitoring the Security Focus website (www.securityfocus.com), and providing a brief description of new content when it is added. Each item is hyperlinked to the location on the website that contains the full details. The pager is user-configurable to allow for varying amounts and types of content, frequency of updates, notification methods and more. Security Focus is the most complete computer security resource on the internet, and this is the easiest way yet to get the latest security information as it happens. Pager V2.0 is obsolete, click the above link for information on the newest version of the SF Pager.

Added 2001-10-22
by Edwill Leighton, edwilll@hotmail.com
MausTrap is a small, but effective security program which prevents users from getting into Windows unless a password is supplied. It disables a few keys like the Windows key, Alt+Control+Del, Alt+Tab and a few others. It also hides the Taskbar and the Windows Desktop, so you can't use Windows until you supply the correct password, even if it gets hacked. Use MausTrap if you leave your computer unoccupied at times, and don't want others to use your computer with you not knowing.

Added 2001-10-22
by Nathan Benson and Tomi Bendixen
ku (killuser) is a utmp based shell admin utility similar to Slay. ku was written in C in hopes for an increase in program speed, efficiency, and availability of more options, as opposed to other shell/perl scripts that are around. It was designed to ease the pain of admins who use ps and kill to disconnect users from their server. A wide range of options are offered to satisfy most any possible condition associated with a shell login.

Added 2001-10-22
by Midget_
Takes a ftp listing (of user names) and parses it to be readable by any brute force program (1 user per line, no white space). Very simple program...

Added 2001-10-22
by Adam Mckee and Robert Davidson, acua@acua.ebbs.com.au
ACUA is a software package designed to facilitate the administration of user accounts and the enforcement of access restrictions on a Linux system. ACUA is most often used on systems that host modem pools such as ISPs, BBSs, School Dial-Ups and Business Dial-Ups. However, if you have a close look at ACUA you'll find that you don't need to have a modem pool to make use of it.

Added 2001-10-22
by Pedestal Software LLC
SecurityExpressions automates the process of deploying, assessing, and maintaining consistent security policies on networks of Windows NT and 2000 systems. It helps organizations with security management and large-scale systems lockdown. SecurityExpressions' no-agent technology eliminates the need to install new software on desktops and servers, enabling security managers to quickly assess how well their computers comply with industry-standard or custom lockdown guidelines.

Added 2001-10-22
by Cyberdemon
Java Host/Network scanning tool including cgi-vulnerability checks, brute-force and various list-scans and a logfile-watcher (linux-only). Java 1.1 RE or JDK1.1 needed.

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