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Added 2002-05-01
by Shane O'Donnell
OpenNMS is an effort to build a fully distributed network management platform providing both enterprise and element management capabilities, using Java 2, XML/XSL and other open source projects/tools such as JBossMQ, RRDTool, Tomcat and PostgreSQL.

NetSPoc (Network Security Policy Compiler)
Added 2002-04-08
by Heinz Knutzen
The Network Security Policy Compiler (NetSPoC) is a tool for security management of large computer networks with different security domains. It generates configuration files for packet filters controlling the borders of security domains. It provides its own language for describing security policy and the topology of a network. The security policy is a set of rules that state which packets are allowed to pass the network and which are not. NetSPoC is topology aware; a rule for traffic from A to B is automatically applied to all managed packet filters on the path from A to B.

Snort Config
Added 2002-02-25
by A.L.Lambert
SnortConf is a tool that provides a fairly intuitive menu-based text interface for setting up the GPL IDS tool Snort. It also provides error and sanity checking on user input, and an online help facility.

Common UNIX Printing System
Added 2002-02-14
by Michael Sweet
CUPS provides a portable printing layer for UNIX(r)- based operating systems. It has been developed to promote a standard printing solution for all UNIX vendors and users. CUPS provides the System V and Berkeley commandline interfaces, uses the Internet Printing Protocol ("IPP") as the basis for managing print jobs and queues, supports (with reduced functionality) the Line Printer Daemon ("LPD"), Server Message Block ("SMB"), and AppSocket (a.k.a. JetDirect) protocols, and adds network printer browsing and PostScript Printer Description ("PPD")-based printing options to support real-world printing under UNIX. CUPS also includes a customized version of GNU Ghostscript and an image file RIP that are used to support non- PostScript printers. Sample drivers for HP and EPSON printers are included that use these filters.

Linux Access-List Config Utility
Added 2001-12-13
by Chris Kennedy
This program takes the exact syntax of a Cisco and creates Linux firewalls. It can configure both iptables and Traffic Control Rules using CBQ from simplified config files. It is aimed at administrators that want a simple way to convert to Linux access lists from Cisco ones, and want to have uniform config syntax/setups across all Cisco/Linux systems. The way it organizes tables basically makes it like a Cisco, building tables that are then attached to interfaces, just like access lists. It has a command line interface for configuration.

Windows 2000 Internet Server Security Configuration Tool
Added 2001-10-22
by Microsoft Security Response Center, secure@microsoft.com
This tool makes it easy to secure an Internet server running IIS 5.0. It lets you configure an IIS 5.0 server without needing to configure individual registry settings, security policies, and other details. The tool interviews you to determine what functionality you need, and then generates and deploys the policy on the server. Important: Before using the tool, please be sure to read the Readme file included with it.

Added 2001-10-22
by Pedestal Software LLC
SecurityExpressions automates the process of deploying, assessing, and maintaining consistent security policies on networks of Windows NT and 2000 systems. It helps organizations with security management and large-scale systems lockdown. SecurityExpressions' no-agent technology eliminates the need to install new software on desktops and servers, enabling security managers to quickly assess how well their computers comply with industry-standard or custom lockdown guidelines.

Added 2001-10-22
by Cyberdemon
Java Host/Network scanning tool including cgi-vulnerability checks, brute-force and various list-scans and a logfile-watcher (linux-only). Java 1.1 RE or JDK1.1 needed.

Added 2001-10-22
by Pierre Bigras, info@datateck.com
Total email security without the use of passwords, certificates, special servers or third party software. SafeMail is an email security tool designed to totally protect email messages, and secure the included address book against viruses wanting to take advantage of it's email addresses

AntiVirus eXpert 2000 Desktop
Added 2001-10-22
by Softwin SRL, avx@softwin.ro
AVX defends against all possible ways that a virus might enter your computer. It can detect, with high accuracy more then 46.000 computer viruses, including stealth, polymorphic, macro, Java, HTML, WinScript, mIRC, VBScript. It accesses the contents of all popular compressed archive formats. Powerful resident module that blocks any infected file before accessing it. Mail Monitor for any mail client. Automatic "hands-free", daily updates and upgrades through AVX Live! Security Features: - System scanning for detection of a possible security hole (e.g. unsigned ActiveX running, deactivation of Outlook macro protection). - Internet ports scanning feature for detection of those ports that might be opened by Trojans. Evaluation version includes all full version features.

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