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Botnet boosts criminals' revenues from Google
Victims whose computers have been compromised will have their searches redirected from Google and its competitors to fake sites that skim off ad revenue.
By: Dan Goodin, The Register 2009-10-09

Popular apps need better patching, says report
A report using data from two security vendors finds that ubiquitous applications, such as Apple's QuickTime and Adobe Flash, are not patched fast enough by their users.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2009-09-17

Apple sneaks anti-malware into Mac OS X
The feature, which will debut in Snow Leopard, offers some basic protection against malicious software.
By: Dan Goodin, The Register 2009-08-27

Security flaws foul financial giant’s Web site
Investment services firm Ameriprise Financial's Web site contained bugs that allowed even low-level criminals to inject malicious content into its pages for the last five months.
By: Dan Goodin, The Register 2009-08-21

Hacker charged with Heartland, other breaches
A federal grand jury indicts a Florida man already charged with stealing data from TJX with allegedly helping breach five more companies.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2009-08-18

Two convicted in U.K. for refusal to decrypt data
U.K. judges can sentence offenders to up to five years in jail; prosecutors say power is only used in terrorism and child indecency cases.
By: Chris Williams, The Register 2009-08-12

BlackBerry update bursting with spyware
An update pushed out to BlackBerry users on the Etisalat network in the United Arab Emirates appears to contain remotely-triggered spyware that allows the interception of messages and emails.
By: Bill Ray, The Register 2009-07-16

Web attacks hit U.S., South Korean sites
In its fourth day, a widespread distributed denial-of-service attack continued to inundate U.S. government and South Korean Web sites with network traffic.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2009-07-08

iPhone crashing bug could lead to serious exploit
One security researcher claims he can knock your iPhone off the network, and perhaps, he just might be able to do a lot more.
By: Dan Goodin, The Register 2009-07-03

FTC persuades court to shutter rogue ISP
A federal district court shuts down Triple Fiber Network, after the Federal Trade Commission documents the Internet service provider's cooperation with online criminals and child pornographers.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2009-06-05

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