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Fighting Internet Worms With Honeypots
This paper will evaluate the usefulness of using honeypots to fight Internet worms, including a discussion on capturing a worm, redirecting worm traffic to fake services, launching counter attacks to clean infected hosts, and finally removing the worm or negating its effects.
By: Laurent Oudot 2003-10-23

Intrusion Detection Terminology (Part Two)
This is the second and final part of the series that discusses IDS terminology, including terms where there may be disagreement from within the security community.
By: Andy Cuff 2003-09-24

Dynamic Honeypots
The search for the dream honeypot: dynamic honeypots, an appliance-like plug-and-play solution.
By: Lance Spitzner 2003-09-15

Intrusion Detection Terminology (Part One)
This is the first of a two-part series that discusses IDS terminology, including terms where there may be disagreement from within the security community.
By: Andy Cuff 2003-09-03

Honeypot Farms
This article is about deploying and managing honeypots in large, distributed environments through the use of Honeypot Farms.
By: Lance Spitzner 2003-08-13

Honeytokens: The Other Honeypot
The purpose of this series of honeypot papers is to cover the breadth of honeypot technologies, values and issues. This article extends the capabilities even further by discussing the concept of honeytokens.
By: Lance Spitzner 2003-07-17

IDS Correlation of VA Data and IDS Alerts
This article discusses the correlation of VA data and IDS alerts to help prioritize events and reduce the time it takes to sift through events.
By: Neil Desai 2003-06-30

Honeypots: Are They Illegal?
As honeypots and their concepts have grown more popular, people have begun to ask what legal issues could apply. The purpose of this paper is to address the most commonly asked issues.
By: Lance Spitzner 2003-06-12

Passive Network Traffic Analysis: Understanding a Network Through Passive Monitoring
This article will offer a brief overview of passive network monitoring, which can offer a thorough understanding of the network's topology: what services are available, what operating systems are in use, and what vulnerabilities may be exposed on the network.
By: Kevin Timm 2003-05-21

Honeypots: Simple, Cost-Effective Detection
This is the fourth article in an ongoing series on honeypots. This article will examine the role of honeypots in detection.
By: Lance Spitzner 2003-04-30

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