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Platform: SCO

Added 2001-12-10
by Vikas Aggarwal
NOCOL (Network Operation Center On-Line) is a network monitoring package that runs on Unix platforms. It can monitor various network variables such as ICMP or RPC reachability, nameservers, ethernet load, port reachability, host performance, SNMP traps, modem line usage, appletalk & novell routes and services, BGP peers, etc. The software is extensible and new monitors can be added easily.

Cgi Scanner
Added 2001-11-05
by m3hm3t
Multi threaded cgi scanner. It has rulesets and more than 2500 cgi script checks.

Added 2001-10-24
by Aleph One
This program implements: a) A PPTP challenge/response sniffer. These c/r can be input into L0phtcrack to obtain the password, and b) An active attack on PPTP logons via the MS-CHAP vulnerability to obtain the users password hashes. Notice that this also generates the password hashes of the new password the user wanted to use. These can be input into L0phtcrack to get password, into a modified smbclient to logon onto a SMB sever, or into a modified PPP client for use with the Linux PPTP client.

Added 2001-10-22
by route
Libnet is an API to help with the construction and handling of network packets. It provides a portable framework for low-level network packet writing and handling (use libnet in conjunction with libpcap and you can write some really cool stuff). Libnet includes packet creation at the IP layer and at the link layer as well as a host of supplementary and complementary functionality. Still in it's infancy however, the library is evolving quite a bit. It is mainly useful for quick and simple packet assembly and related applications (Traceroute and ping were easily rewritten using libnet). See the manpage and sample test code for more detailed information.

TCP Wrappers
Added 2001-10-22
by Wietse Venema
The tcp_wrapper package by Wietse Venema. Formerly called log_tcp. Allows monitoring and control over who connects to a hosts TFTP, EXEC, FTP, RSH, TELNET, RLOGIN, FINGER, and SYSTAT ports. Also includes a library so that other programs can be controlled and monitored in the same fashion.

Added 2001-10-22
by Van Jacobson,Craig Leres and Steven McCanne, all of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
This is a handy little library which provides a packet filtering mechanism based on the BSD packet filter (BPF). Most notably, tcpdump needs this to work, and there is also a perl module (still in beta) which can use this as well. In plain english, if you want to write your own network traffic analyzer, this is the place to start.

Added 2001-10-22
by Matt Blaze
The cryptographic file system (also known as CFS) is a way of storing encrypted files and entire directories. It runs as a local nfs server.

Added 2001-10-22
by Van Jacobson
Traceroute is a system administrators utility to trace the route ip packets from the current system take in getting to some destination system. See the comments at the front of the program for a description of its use. This program a) can only be run by root (it uses raw ip sockets). b) REQUIRES A KERNEL MOD to the raw ip output code to run.

Added 2001-10-22
by Steve Hotz
Dig (domain information groper) is a flexible command line tool which can be used to gather information from the Domain Name System servers. Dig has two modes: simple interactive mode which makes a single query, and batch which executes a query for each in a list of several query lines. All query options are accessible from the command line.

Added 2001-10-22
by J-Dog
ViperDB was created as a smaller & faster option to Tripwire. Tripwire while being a great product leaves something to be desired in the speed department and also, by default tripwire generates a report everytime it runs and directs that report to an email address. This hinders most people from running Tripwire every few minutes to do a system check. ViperDB however is the answer to this problem. ViperDB uses a fast plaintext db and is written in perl.

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