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GPGMail (v30) (10.3 (Panther))
Added 2003-11-14
by Stéphane Corthésy
GPGMail is a bundle for MailViewer.app (on MacOS X Server) and Mail.app (on MacOS X), providing a front-end to gpg for some operations. GPGMail extends Apple's MailViewer/Mail application and allows you to read and send PGP authenticated and/or encrypted messages. You can use PGP for plain and MIME messages, following RFC 2015 guidelines. Source code is available.

Added 2003-11-10
by Len Sassaman
Mixmaster is an anonymous remailer. Remailers provide protection against traffic analysis and allow sending email mail anonymously or pseudonymously. Mixmaster consists of both client and server installations.

AntiSpam Mail Filter
Added 2003-10-24
by Timo Roehling
AntiSpam Mail Filter is yet another Bayesian filter, designed for use with Exim.

Pine Privacy Guard
Added 2003-10-22
by Matt Pulver
Pine Privacy Guard is a small Perl script used to interface Pine and GnuPG for the secure exchange of email. It allows Pine users to conveniently encrypt, decrypt, clear-sign, and verify clear-signed email. Other features include the secure storage of secret key passphrases during a session, alias support, simple installation, and compact, well-documented code.

Added 2003-08-29
by Geekoid
Email sends email to remote SMTP servers via the command line, which makes it useful in cron jobs. It will send to any RFC standard remote ESMTP server, and will allow you to encrypt, sign, and design your message on the fly. It has the capability to use signature files with dynamic options, address book functionality, and users can also attach pictures, binary files, documents, or whatever they want. It is completely compatible with GNUPG for encryption and signing, and is easy to configure and use.

Added 2003-08-19
by Sam Varshavchik
Maildrop is a powerful email filter/delivery agent. It supports mbox-style mailboxes and maildirs (a mail storage format used by Qmail). Its mail filtering language supports RFC822 parsing and GDBM/Berkeley DB database files. The maildrop package also includes a command-line tool to perform various operations on MIME messages.

Added 2003-08-19
by Keith Winston aka slippery
SPASTIC is an easy-to-use, powerful set of email filters to deal with Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), a.k.a. spam, using procmail. Some of its features are filtering based on header and/or body contents, predefined sets of filters to get started quickly, a whitelist to bypass filters, options on where to send spam, and an optional script to rotate the spam file periodically.

MailSleuth Email Management Package
Added 2003-07-14
by TurboTas
Mailsleuth is an email content management system. It is intended that one day it may match the features of commercial products such as MimeSweeper from Baltimore. It is designed for large companies or Service Providers.

Added 2003-07-14
by Aleksandar Milivojevic
Spammer is an anti-spam mail filter for sendmail. It uses libmilter to communicate with sendmail. Spammer checks client IP addresses as well as all IP addresses (and everything that looks like an IP address) in Received headers against a DNSBL database.

Added 2003-01-29
by Christian Leber
Coridoras provides a relative simple way to encrypt IRC queries without changing the client and/or the server.

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