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ScanADS - Scan Alternate Data Streams
Added 2003-07-10
by Tiago Halm
Scans Alternate Data Streams (ADS) in a local/remote system. Files and directories can have several kinds of ADS, some of which are not visible by normal means. These types of streams are not detectable by the "traditional" dir command and its space (bytes occupied) are not reflected in disk space usage reports.

Easy Integrity Check System
Added 2003-05-26
by Aki Tossavainen
Easy Integrity Check System is a tool for system administrators that performs filesystem integrity checks. It is easy to set up and use, and makes use of the mcrypt and mhash libraries for encrypting its database.

Added 2003-05-20
by djm
Fastresolve is a package of programs to process web log files, to get DNS and domain ownership information for log analysis. It sends out many queries in parallel, and caches results for speed. Its DNS resolver is 3-50 times as fast as other log file resolvers.

Added 2003-03-07
by Phil Howard
DiskZapper is a Linux-based bootable (floppy or CD-ROM) tool intended to wipe all hard drives on the machine it runs on to binary zero. This is intended for uses such as making sure old computers or hard drives being sold or trashed are clear of any confidential data, and to be sure certain computers are clear of any unlicensed software in the event the software piracy police visit. It comes in the form of a floppy image (ready to dd or rawrite) or a CD ISO image (ready to burn to CDR). No other software or OS required. This is a dangerous tool. Please store out of reach of children.

Added 2003-01-13
by Carlos Molina Garcia
PDBS is a secure and simple backup system, distributed over a network. It aims to be reliable and easy to configure.

Added 2002-12-16
by Maik Schreiber
perltrash is a Perl script that emulates a "trash can". Instead of permanently deleting files, they are moved into the trash can. Files can be restored in the future if they are needed again. Single files can be permanently removed from the trash can. perltrash can automatically remove files from the trash can that are over a certain time limit or trash can size. It supports all kinds of files, including complete directories.

Added 2002-12-04
by Arne Vidstrom
FileHasher calculates the MD5 or SHA hash for a file.

Added 2002-11-04
by whee
Dirfreak is designed to aid in the organization of files by using of various sorting methods, including file extension and size. Files are moved to appropriate directories based on the method chosen.

Demarc PureSecure
Added 2002-09-16
by DEMARC Security
Instead of having one program perform file integrity checks, another program monitoring the connectivity and health of your network, and yet another monitoring your network for intrusion detection attempts, Demarc PureSecure combines all these services into one powerful client/server program. Not only can you monitor the status of the different machines in your network, but you can also respond to changes in your network all from one centralized location. Security is already a full time job in any network, and the burden of monitoring the reports from multiple programs across dozens of servers can result in information overload. The human mind can only process so much data at any given time before it simply becomes too much to analyze. Demarc PureSecure centralizes the reporting and analysis for the entire network which allows you to more easily weed out the important data from the superfluous background noise, thereby targeting your efforts where they really belong.

Added 2002-08-19
by fkt
ProSum is a terminal based program that protects your files, sys_call_table, and IDT in a Tripwire-like way (all in user space, without kernel modules). In addition, a database with files could be encrypted with the Blowfish algorithm, and files that are protected can be stored on a secure/bastion host to later replace them. You can disable sys_call_table and IDT support for non-Linux systems. ProSum can run on any UNIX system with file protect mode (without IDT and sys_call_table support). ProSum is designed to run on the Linux x86 platform. This is not neccesary, but is recommended.

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