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OpenAntiVirus samba-vscan
Added 2002-05-06
by reniar
samba-vscan provides on-access scanning of Samba shares for Sophos Sweep+Sophie and Trend Micro+Trophie. It supports Samba 2.2.x with working virtual file system (VFS) support.

Added 2001-10-29
by Edwin Groothuis
ngrep-lib is a packet filtering library based on ngrep. It provides easy interface. Instead of having to worry about pcap, options, syntax, processing of IP packets, etc. you can just initialize and run, letting callback functions handle the rest.

Added 2001-10-22
by Oscar Levi
BSIGN will verify and authenticate data files. In particular, it will validate executables and other binaries. It will embed a secure hash of the file contents in the file, and optionally sign this hash. Any change to the file will alter this value, and when checked again, the hash will not match. It works by modifying the target ELF file, by modifying the header section to accommodate a signature section.

Added 2001-10-22
by Pancrazio 'Ezio' de Mauro
Installwatch is a program which watches all the file creation, deletion and modification attempts of a given program. This allows users to install packages and the like, and have installwatch log the files that are installed and altered. By default, it logs to the syslog facility, although it is possible to log to different files using the -o option.

Security Focus Pager
Added 2001-10-22
by Security Focus
The Security Focus Pager is a small utility to keep the user updated on the latest happenings in the computer security industry. It does this by monitoring the Security Focus website (www.securityfocus.com), and providing a brief description of new content when it is added. Each item is hyperlinked to the location on the website that contains the full details. The pager is user-configurable to allow for varying amounts and types of content, frequency of updates, notification methods and more. Security Focus is the most complete computer security resource on the internet, and this is the easiest way yet to get the latest security information as it happens. Pager V2.0 is obsolete, click the above link for information on the newest version of the SF Pager.

KeyNote Trust-Management System
Added 2001-10-22
by Angelos D. Keromytis, keynote@research.att.com
KeyNote provides a simple notation for specifying both local security policies and security credentials that can be sent over an untrusted network. Policies and credentials, called "assertions" as in PolicyMaker, contain predicates that describe the tr usted actions permitted by the holders of specific public keys. A signed assertion that can be sent over an untrusted network is called a Credential Assertion. Credential assertions, which serve the role of "certificates," have the same syntax as policy assertions with the additional feature that they are signed by the entity delegating the trust. A KeyNote evaluator accepts as input a set of local policy assertions, a collection of credential assertions, and a collection of attributes, called an "action environment," that describes a proposed trusted action associated with a set of public keys.

Added 2001-10-22
by Cetus Software, cetussoft@aol.com
Cetus StormWindows for Windows 95 will allow the authorized user to add several types and degrees of protections to the desktop and system of any Windows 95 computer. Intelligent use of StormWindows security measures will allow for the secure use of a shared Windows PC.

Added 2001-10-22
by Charles T. Booher, ctb1@ix.netcom.com
SecureOffice is a Computer Program for Microsoft Windows that will allow you to secure your document files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other types of files using a password that is of any length or composition. If you want to access your document you must provide a password or the document will not be readable. SecureOffice also provides for Secure Email between any two points on the Internet. This is accomplished by facilities inside SecureOffice for making, sending, receiving, and managing electronic email keys that will allow two users of SecureOffice to communicate anywhere on the internet in a secure manner.

Sun Enterprise Network Security Service (SENSS)
Added 2001-10-22
by Bruce Development Team (Sun)
SENSS "Bruce" is a flexible, Java-based infrastructure that permits centralized security management of small, medium and large-sized intranets. The Bruce software provides you with a network service daemon that should be installed on each host in your network; these daemons are linked together in a hierarchy of trust. This hierarchy may be used for the distribution and execution of digitally-signed packages containing (java, binary, or script) code that may be used to check and fix host security issues in a bulk, batch-oriented manner. Execution requests are likewise digitally signed, replay attacks are prevented, and network communications are secured by access-control lists and pluggable authentication and secrecy modules. Output generated during the process of checking is in HTML format, and percolates to the root of the hierarchy, where it is browsable. The Bruce software is not yet complete; this is the Early Access 2 (EA2) release, that we (the Bruce development team) are making available for the benefit of parties with a professional interest in network security, for their experimentation and comment.

Added 2001-10-22
by Pedestal Software LLC
SecurityExpressions automates the process of deploying, assessing, and maintaining consistent security policies on networks of Windows NT and 2000 systems. It helps organizations with security management and large-scale systems lockdown. SecurityExpressions' no-agent technology eliminates the need to install new software on desktops and servers, enabling security managers to quickly assess how well their computers comply with industry-standard or custom lockdown guidelines.

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