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Category: Policy Enforcement » Email

Email Security through Procmail
Added 2004-02-12
by John Hardin
Email Security through Procmail attempts to address the trend towards "enhancing" email clients with support for active content, which exposes end-users to many and varied threats, by "sanitizing" email: removing obvious exploit attempts and disabling the channels through which exploits are delivered. Facilities for detecting and blocking Trojan Horse exploits and worms are also provided.

Added 2004-02-09
by Lefteris Chatzibarbas
IMAPFilter connects to remote IMAP mail servers and processes messages according to defined filters (rules). It is intended to be executed before a user accesses his/her mailboxes.

Added 2004-02-02
by labrum
MydoomDeleter tries to identify email messages infected with the Mydoom(.B) worm in POP3 mailboxes. It deletes any infected message that it identifies while they are still on the server. In order to perform the identification, it applies some heuristics to the headers, the size of the messages, and name of the attachment. It thus avoids downloading the actual email, making retrievals less taxing. It has both interactive and nonstop modes.

Added 2004-02-02
by Brian Burton
SpamProbe is a spam detection program that uses a Bayesian analysis of the frequencies of terms used in the email. Because it filters email based on content rather than on general rules, it easily adapts itself to the types of email that each individual user normally receives.

Added 2004-01-28
by D. J. Hawkey Jr.
This release adds build-time options to decode RFC-2047 "Subject" text, reject mail with missing or empty "Subject" text, and log a summary of rejecting rulesets. The subject filters have been expanded, and the processing of them is much more efficient. Support scripts and programs have been updated and/or added.

Quick Spam Filter
Added 2004-01-16
by Andrew Wood
Quick Spam Filter is a small, fast spam filter that works by learning to recognise the words that are more likely to appear in spam than non-spam. It is intended to be used in a procmail recipe to mark email as being possible spam.

Added 2004-01-12
by Ashwin Jayaprakash
BlackMamba is a semi-automatic spam filter and email previewer. It lets you connect to your POP3 mail server and peek into your mailbox. BlackMamba automatically categorizes the messages as "friendly", "possible spam", and "spam" based on a few simple configuration steps. It allows you to delete the messages, and it maintains an address book, a list of spammers, and a mail size filter. It should be useful if you've gone on a holiday and haven't checked your email for weeks and know that your mailbox will be full of junk. BlackMamba sorts your email messages without downloading the messages in their entirety.

Added 2004-01-08
by Eric S. Raymond
Bogofilter is a Bayesian spam filter. In its normal mode of operation, it takes an email message or other text on standard input, does a statistical check against lists of "good" and "bad" words, and returns a status code indicating whether or not the message is spam. Bogofilter is designed with fast algorithms (including Berkeley DB system), coded directly in C, and tuned for speed, so it can be used for production by sites that process a lot of mail.

DSBL Server Software
Added 2004-01-08
by flamingcow
The DSBL server software allows any site to run their own DSBL-like service. This package provides the cookie server, mail processor, and several other miscellaneous utilies that make up existing DSBL services.

Added 2003-12-31
by Franco Gasperino
Scrubber is a server-side, high performance, extendable, SMTP-independent mail content filtering system. It supports global, per- domain, and per-user configurations with caching support. Any number of configuration storage mechanisms are supported through the plugin interface. It supports anti-virus scanning, whitelist/blacklist matching, Bayesian probability scoring, and attachment blocking. Clients exist for SMTP-level integration in the common client-server architecture. Additional clients can be created for any mailer on any platform.

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