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Added 2001-10-22
by Edwill Leighton, edwilll@hotmail.com
MausTrap is a small, but effective security program which prevents users from getting into Windows unless a password is supplied. It disables a few keys like the Windows key, Alt+Control+Del, Alt+Tab and a few others. It also hides the Taskbar and the Windows Desktop, so you can't use Windows until you supply the correct password, even if it gets hacked. Use MausTrap if you leave your computer unoccupied at times, and don't want others to use your computer with you not knowing.

Serve Command
Added 2001-10-22
by Jason Jordan, bear@bkis.net
This program is based off of Netcat. This program allows multiple connections while Netcat only allows one and is a bit easier to use. Run this program on any NT machine to open a remote shell on any port. You can start the program hidden (/h) and also assign it what port to listen on(default is 2323). Once the program is listening telnet into the computer on that port and you have a shell(cmd) environment waiting for you. The shell will have the same permissions as the user who started the program.

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