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Category: Utilities » Log Management

Added 2004-03-01
by Gerrit Pape
socklog cooperates with the daemontools package to create a small and secure replacement for syslogd. socklog supports system logging through Unix domain sockets (/dev/log) and UDP sockets ( with the help of daemontools svscan, supervise, and multilog. socklog provides a different network logging concept, and also does log event notification. multilog has built in log file rotation based on file size, so there is no need for any cron jobs to rotate the logs. socklog is small, secure, and reliable.

System Garden Habitat
Added 2004-01-02
by Nigel Stuckey
Habitat is a performance management system which captures, stores, and visualises table-based time series data. Monitor probes exist for Linux and Solaris with Windows coming soon. It has a command line interface, a fast GUI client for graphical visualisation, and a simple format for extending data capture in the agent. It is written in C with Gtk and can access data from its peers directly, by file sharing, or with the use of a separate central archiving repository (harvest) to scale to installations of significant size.

Added 2003-12-15
by Immo Goltz
fwlogview is a graphical, realtime, colorized logviewer for netfilter and other logs written in Java. It displays the logentries which are related to the firewall action. You can hide unimportant columns or change the order in which columns are shown.

Added 2003-12-15
by Russell Leighton
Aware is a high performance distributed event processing framework built for systems management. It comes with probes for common network services and system resources. Additionally, Aware allows the cross-correllation of many different streams of information, and includes a Web-based reporting interface.

CommNav Systems Navigator
Added 2003-12-05
by CommNav Inc
Based on CommNav's Navigator portal architecture, Systems Navigator lets you administer your entire network via a secure Web interface. It helps protect your infrastructure with a set of monitoring and metric trending tools including Big Brother, Orca, Nessus, Integrit, and Larrd. The portal utilizes LDAP to store site-specific preferences for SysNav components. These preferences are templated and then used by SysNav's middle layer to generate Cfengine and component configuration files.

Added 2003-10-28
by UMich RSUG
nefu (network fidelity utility) is a Unix daemon that monitors services over the network. It uses a "no false alarms" fault verification algorithm, and understands network dependancies. Natively-monitored protocols include ICMP echo (ping), DNS, HTTP, POP, NTP, IMAP, SMTP, and LDAP, as well as having facilities to execute external programs. Status pages are available via finger or the Web.

Prelude Log Monitoring Lackey
Added 2003-10-23
by yoann
The Prelude Log Monitoring Lackey (LML) is the host-based sensor program part of the Prelude Hybrid IDS suite. It can act as a centralized log collector for local or remote systems, or as a simple log analyzer (such as swatch). It can run as a network server listening on a syslog port or analyze log files. It supports logfiles in the BSD syslog format and is able to analyze any logfile by using the PCRE library. It can apply logfile-specific analysis through plugins such as PAX. It can send an alert to the Prelude Manager when a suspicious log entry is detected.

Added 2003-10-22
by Matt Post, mpost89@calvin.edu
pixlog is a program used for logging info level messages from a Cisco PIX firewall. At this level, several megs of information can be generated per minute, so saving all that information to a file for later parsing isn't practical. pixlog works by sitting on FIFO, and parsing the data as it comes in. It can then write out what it has recorded, in HTML format.

Added 2003-09-04
by Viraj Alankar
incident.pl is a small script that, when given logs generated by snort, can generate an incident report for every event that appears to be an attempted security attack, and report the attack to the appropriate administrators.

Network-Accounting Daemon for Netfilter
Added 2003-08-27
by Hilko Bengen
ulog-acctd is a userspace network accounting daemon which generates log files of network traffic for accounting purposes. It collects headers of IP packets that travel through the Linux 2.4+ netfilter. It writes accounting information to a log which can include protocol type, source and destination address, port numbers, byte and packet count, and incoming and outgoing interfaces. It is easily possible to generate CISCO "IP accounting output packets" style logs with this tool.

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