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Basic Web Session Impersonation
This article gives a basic introduction to common flaws in web applications that allow a malicious user to hijack a legitimate user's web session. Some practical countermeasures that reduce this threat are also discussed.
By: Rohyt Belani 2004-04-14

Voice over IP Security
This article discusses some of the advantages, disadvantages and security concerns with Voice over IP telephony.
By: Matthew Tanase 2004-03-12

Anti-Spam Solutions and Security, Part 2
The second and final part of this article series focuses on the various types of challenge-based systems and cryptographic solutions that can be used to combat spam and its related security issues.
By: Dr. Neal Krawetz 2004-03-09

HIPAA Security Rule
This article presents a detailed overview of the American HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Security Rule and key factors you should consider when preparing to comply with the rule.
By: Steven Weil 2004-03-02

Anti-Spam Solutions and Security
This article is the first of a two-part series that discusses the security issues of spam as well as several current anti-spam methodologies.
By: Dr. Neal Krawetz 2004-02-26

The Soft Underbelly: Attacking the Client
This article discusses the lack of security inside many corporate networks once hackers have breached the border perimeter and firewall. Client-based attack vectors, malicious payloads and their potential impact to an organization are also discussed.
By: Tom Vogt 2004-01-27

Digital Signatures and European Laws
This article discusses the security requirements for electronic communications and commerce with European governments and many European-based businesses. It will also give an overview of the current trends for public key infrastructure in Europe, useful for any organization that does business with the EU.
By: Mirella Mazzeo 2004-01-26

Home User Security: Personal Firewalls
This article discusses personal firewall alternatives, including freeware firewalls, firewalls included with current Microsoft and Apple OSes, and various commercial offerings of interest to the home user.
By: Sarah Granger 2003-12-08

Home User Security: Your First Defense
This article focuses on protecting the home office through personal firewall software, as well as general security measures that are often overlooked by home users.
By: Sarah Granger 2003-11-19

Banking Scam Revealed
A detailed analysis of the recent "phishing" scam that targeted Citibank customers. This paper describes the use of compromised hosts, Website redirection and the specifics of a unique bulk-mailing tool that has been repeatedly used in the recent rash of financial email scams.
By: Secure Science Corporation 2003-11-13

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