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Firing Up Browser Security
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2008-06-20
Mozilla released its latest browser, Firefox 3.0, this week. SecurityFocus contributor Federico Biancuzzi tracks down two key members of Mozilla's security team to learn more about the security features included in this major release.

Racing Against Reversers
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2008-06-05
Each time a new digital rights management (DRM) system is released, reverse engineers are not far behind in cracking it. SecurityFocus contributor Federico Biancuzzi interviews Nate Lawson, the co-designer of the Blu-ray content protection system, on the challenges of defending digital content.

Anti-Social Networking
by Mark Rasch, 2008-05-22
The strategy of U.S. prosecutors in the MySpace-hoax suicide case could leave the nation with an unpalatable precedent, says SecurityFocus columnist Mark Rasch.

Thinking Beyond the Ivory Towers
by Dave Aitel, 2008-05-15
A recent paper on automatically generating exploits from patches underscores the differences in the way academics and security researchers think, argues Dave Aitel, chief technology officer for security firm Immunity.

Click Crime
by Mark Rasch, 2008-05-09
Attempt to download a file and the FBI may come knocking at your door. SecurityFocus contributor Mark Rasch discusses the coming world of click crimes.

Just Who's Being Exploited?
by Jamie Reid, 2008-04-21
Vulnerability-buying programs have become a popular way of being paid for a previously unknown flaw. Yet, pricing models suggest researchers are being taken.

On the Border
by Mark Rasch, 2008-03-20
SecurityFocus contributor Mark Rasch ponders the age-old question of the privacy of personal information when making his way through airport security.

Catch Them If You Can
by Don Parker, 2008-03-12
To catch online attackers and data thieves, corporate management must spend the money to keep their security analysts at the top of their game, SecurityFocus contributor Don Parker argues.

Let's Go Crazy
by Mark Rasch, 2008-03-04
The music industry takes on a mom and her 18-month-old son using the DMCA. SecurityFocus contributor and attorney Mark Rasch argues that the takedown notices allowed by the law will continue to be abused until the regulation is fixed.

The Laws of Full Disclosure
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2008-02-26
Different European countries have different views on the legality of vulnerability research. SecurityFocus contributor Federico Biancuzzi interviews lawyers from twelve European countries to get the low-down.

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