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Platform: DG-UX

Added 2001-10-22
by Alexandre de Abreu
MS-IIS Web Server auditing tool, it checks for many serious vulnerabilities using a Perl script, support proxy server and if is found a hole, prints it and the Patch URL.

TIS Firewall Toolkit
Added 2001-10-22
by Trusted Information Systems
The TIS Internet Firewall Toolkit is a set of programs and configuration practices designed to facilitate the building of network firewalls. Components of the toolkit, while designed to work together, can be used in isolation or can be combined with other firewall components. The toolkit software is designed to run on UNIX systems using TCP/IP with a Berkeley-style "socket" interface.

Added 2001-10-22
by James Levine
NDiff compares two nmap scans and outputs the differences. It allows monitoring of your network(s) for interesting changes in port states and visible hosts. Viewing results in this manner eliminates the need to sift through voluminous raw scan output in search of the few noteworthy differences. It should be useful to network administrators, security analysts, and other interested parties who need to monitor large networks in an organized fashion.

Added 2001-10-22
by Thomas Biege, thomas@suse.de
Assitch is a remote packetfilter analyzer, that detects in and OUT rules by doing ACK scanning. (It's useless against state-full filters.) Assitch is nearly 3 years old, but still useful for debugging filter rules.

Added 2001-10-22
by Neil M. Haller
The S/KEY one-time password system provides authentication over networks that are subject to eavesdropping/replay attacks. This system has several advantages compared with other one-time or multi-use authentication systems. The user's secret password never crosses the network during login, or when executing other commands requiring authentication such as the UNIX passwd or su commands. No secret information is stored anywhere, including the host being protected, and the underlying algorithm may be (and it fact, is) public knowledge. The remote end of this system can run on any locally available computer. The host end could be integrated into any application requiring authentication.

Added 2001-10-22
by Tommy
Tailbeep opens a file (-f), seeks to the end, and watches for a string (-s). If the string is found, a beep is sent to the specified tty (-t) device. You can also daemonize (-d) it. I wrote it so I could watch /var/log/messages for the DENY string (so I can tell if someone is trying to break into the firewall.)

Added 2001-10-22

Added 2001-10-22
by Todd Miller, Todd.Miller@courtesan.com
Sudo is a utility that allows administrators to give limited access to root privileges to users, and log activity associated with the use of sudo. This allows for giving people the access they need, without the need to give full root access.

ASAX - Advanced Security audit trail Analisys on uniX
Added 1999-09-28
by B. Le Charlier, A. Mounji, I. Mathieu, N. Habra
Analyzing substantial amounts of data and extracting relevant information out of huge sequential files has always been a nightmare. (And ... it will probably remain so, unless you use ASAX, Advanced Security audit trail Analyzer on uniX.) Using highly sophisticated and powerful algorithms, ASAX tremendously simplifies the intelligent analysis of sequential files.

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