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Category: Utilities » Filesystem

Added 2002-07-29
by Douglas J Hunley
Diskfree is a Unix/Linux shell script designed to track changes in your filesystem and report on size changes. It can report to STDOUT, or through email. It will give you total disk usage, new directory allocations, removed directory allocations, and changes in the size of current directories. It can be run in any interval (hourly, daily, weekly, etc) and can be configured to generate detailed reports, or summaries. It can also be told to only watch certain directories.

Added 2002-07-10
by mentat
Hashish is a file or string hashing utility with a GUI frontend. It is cross-platform and supports many types of cryptographic hashes (including SHA, MD5, and RIPEMD-160).

Added 2002-06-04
by Active@ Data Recovery Software
Active@ UNERASER is a compact and powerful undelete utility that can recover deleted files and folders on FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS systems. It can even restore files from deleted and re-formatted partitions. With this data recovery software NTFS drives can be recognized and deleted items can be recovered from Microsoft DOS. It is not necessary to install the utility on your system's hard drive, as it fits on a boot floppy disk, removing the possibility of overwriting data which you want to recover.

Quick and Dirty Packet Forwarder
Added 2002-05-06
by John Hawksley
QDPF was written to solve the problem of exposing internal services to the Internet. QDPF runs on machines which bridge two networks and forwards TCP/IP packets from one to the other. The main use of QDPF is to expose corporate or Intranet services to the Internet, by running it on an intervening machine. QDPF is a Java console application.

Added 2002-04-29
by Ian Kayne
A full blown multithreaded file and folder watcher tool. DLock v1.o has 3 modes of operation, and probably many more of total failure. It can lock a file for exclusive access, it can watch your system and alert you when files and folders are created, or it can watch your system and alert you when existing files and folders have changes made to/in them. Like I said, mildly useful.

Added 2002-04-22
by Vianney RUY
NetBiosSpy is NetBios scanner freeware. But you can do more than a classic NetBios Scanner. You can see open files remotely and do what you want on it : open, edit, deconnect etc...

Added 2002-04-17
by bjk
Bubblegum is a daemon written in C which watches a file's access, modification, and inode change times, and logs the changes. It can run a command (a specified number of times) with info expansions, read files from a filelist, and more.

Added 2002-03-27
by daitel@atstake.com
This little utility dumps MSRPC endpoint information from Windows systems. Similar to the rpcdump program from Microsoft, but does not need a DCE stack and so runs on Unixes. dcetest can be very useful once inside a DMZ to fingerprint Windows machines on the network. dcetest operates over TCP port 135. (Think of it as rpcinfo -p against Windows.)

GIPTables Firewall
Added 2002-03-26
by Adrian Pascalau
GIPTables Firewall is a set of shell scripts that helps you generate iptables rules for Linux 2.4.x and newer kernels. It is very easy to configure and designed to run on hosts with one or two network cards. It uses NAT, stateful packet filtering, rate-limited connection, and logging. It provides protection against DoS attacks and IP spoofing, as well as TCP packet health checks.

NAI VirusScan DAT/Engine file updater
Added 2002-03-26
by Bas Rijniersce
This script will check the local and remote VirusScan DAT/Engine file versions. If there is a newer version available from NAI, it will retrieve it and install it. A lot of checks are done to make very sure you will always have a working DAT/Engine file.

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