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Category: Intrusion Detection » Network

Added 2002-03-21
by Pierpaolo Giacomin
mod_protection is an Apache module that integrates the basic function of an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and a firewall. When a malicious client sends a request that matches a rule, the administrator will be warned and the client gets an error message.

IDScenter 2001
Added 2002-03-07
by Ueli Kistler
IDScenter is a panel for controlling, managing and auditing SNORT IDS for WIN32. It supports all the functions of snort.panel by XATO. New Features: IP/Interface detection, Alarm sound (WAV/Beep), Implemented log viewer, EXE-File start on alert...

Paranoia Iptables Firewall
Added 2002-03-05
by Harald Skoglund
Paranoia Iptables Firewall is a firewall designed specifically for standalone computers in insecure networks such as campus LANs and co-location facilities. It is modular and easy to update at runtime without the need to flush the entire firewall-ruleset. The last last update time for modules is cached, allowing altered rulesets to be reloaded easily. Portscan detection and rate-limiting SYNs are supported. A good mechanism for IP/port-based ACLs is employed. A single file listing the allowed connections for every open port/portrange is required. MAC-addresses for LAN connections can be checked against corresponding IP-addresses. Optional basic NAT support is included.

Added 2002-02-26
A TCP/UDP port listener. You provide a list of ports to listen on and the program will notify you when a connection or data arrives at the port(s). Can minimize to the system tray and play an audible alert. This program is intended to act as a guard dog to notify you of attempted probes to your computer via the Internet.

Snort Config
Added 2002-02-25
by A.L.Lambert
SnortConf is a tool that provides a fairly intuitive menu-based text interface for setting up the GPL IDS tool Snort. It also provides error and sanity checking on user input, and an online help facility.

Added 2002-01-25
by LBL Network Research Group
Arpwatch is a tool that monitors ethernet activity and keeps a database of ethernet/ip address pairings. It also reports certain changes via email. Arpwatch uses libpcap, a system-independent interface for user-level packet capture. Before building tcpdump, you must first retrieve and build libpcap, also from LBL, in: ftp://ftp.ee.lbl.gov/libpcap-*.tar.Z.

IPCop Firewall
Added 2002-01-23
by Mark Wormgoor
The IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distro. It will be geared towards home and SOHO users. The difference with existing firewalls is that the IPCop interface will be very user-friendly and task-based.

Added 2002-01-07
by Lagoon-Software
MacAnalysis is a security auditing suite for your Macintosh to perform and help implement a security standard for your computer/network by performing a full security check of network protocols, open services, port scans, vulnerable CGI scripts and much more. This will scan your Macintosh, Unix, Windows, and Hardware for any vulnerable security holes!

pcInternet Patrol
Added 2001-12-21
by Internet Security Alliance
pcInternet Patrol maximizes protection with minimum user involvement This product finds 6 times more potentially dangerous programs/modules than other leading personal firewalls. Other features are: - Stops all intruder programs both known and unknown; - Users always have the latest programs definition without the need for an update; - Keeps you and your computer out of harms way, without getting in your way; - Cannot be disabled by an intruder without alerting user or administrator; - Activates Intruder tracking to trace IP address of intruder for possible apprehension; - Continuously monitors the state of the NETBIOS ports, the first entry target for intruders; - Help with security issues in real time!

CHX-I Universal Application Firewall and Intrusion Detection Engine.
Added 2001-12-06
by IDRCI Inc.
CHX-I is a TCP Application firewall. New in version 1.7: - SSL taffic analysis engine allows for in-transit TCP payload firewalling - SSL server side transparent encryption allows encryption of TCP application services - In-transit TCP packet data modification allows for manipulation of sensitive or undesired data - Asynchronous reverse data flow search allows for traffic direction specifications - Multiple engine actions on traffic flow such as Drop, Log and Replace

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