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Category: Authentication » User Authentication

Added 2002-11-19
by anthonyu
mod_authenticache provides a simple and generic method for caching authentication information on the client side in order to enhance performance. It has been tested with several Basic HTTP authentication modules, and has an Apache 2.0.x optional function exporter for caching credentials from any custom authentication module.

NTLM authentication library
Added 2002-10-02
by Grant Edwards
The NTLM library contains utilities for authenticating against Microsoft servers that require NTLM authentication. The goal of this project is to make libntlm easier to build (by using autoconf, automake, and libtool) for use by other projects.

Added 2002-09-09
by Thomas Strandenaes
SMSAuthenticator is an authentication module for situations where "username and password"-login provide insufficient security. The additional security is achieved by sending keys (single-use passwords) by SMS to the user's mobile phone. It solves some of the main problems with ordinary passwords (e.g., password guessing and password sniffing) without requiring special hardware on the user's side. It is a Java-based (J2SE 1.2 or higher) Web service using SOAP for communication. It also requires a database with JDBC support (tested with PostgreSQL).

Added 2002-08-06
by Peter Robinson
The Centron Gateway is an "out-of-band" strong authentication and connection gateway system. Centron is an access concentrator which performs strong authentication of user requests. In a security conscious environment, it allows an organization to effectively provide wide-ranging access to systems or services through a single, secure access point.

SCTK PAM module
Added 2002-06-06
by Alexandre Becoulet
The SCTK PAM module allows user authentication using PIC-based smart cards. It is based on the Smart Card ToolKit. The PAM module and the PIC code implement a simple challenge algorithm to securely authenticate users.

Added 2002-05-06
by Edson Medina
ifmonitor is a network interface traffic logger and grapher for Linux. It does not depend on SNMP, and it is written in Perl/PHP. It uses MySQL to store its logs.

Added 2002-05-02
by Stefan Palme
pam_hbci is a PAM module for Linux that enables you to use your HBCI chip-card to identify or authenticate you. HBCI is a German standard for home banking over TCP/IP. The module contains many options and supports all chip-card terminals with a working CTAPI interface.

Kerberos5 Tru64 SIA Plugin
Added 2002-05-01
by Luke Petelczyc
sia_kerberosV5 is an SIA plugin for Compaq Tru64 UNIX to allow authentication to MIT Kerberos 5. It supports plugin vouching for other SIA Layered products. The plugin allows for products that support SIA to not need to be patched to support Kerberos 5 (ssh, sudo, ftp, etc.)

Added 2002-04-29
by dac
ssmart is a little Perl script to store a secure shell identity/cfs passwords blowfish encrypted to a smartcard. There will be no local copy of your identity on your hard drive, or even worse on an NFS share. It also allows you to quick mount all stored cfs directories, and it has a GNOME GUI (useful if you want it to use it with your .xinitrc). It uses the smartcard program to interact with the chipdrive.

Added 2002-04-23
FourEyes allows network administrators to enforce a four-eyes policy on Windows NT, 2000 and XP by requiring two users to authenticate during a local logon. FourEyes uses the existing software and hardware for authentication, so it will work with passwords, smart cards, tokens or biometrics.

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