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Category: Access Control » Firewall

Added 2005-01-14
by Hernán M. Racciatti
IPFront is a small tool named which enables users to generate IPSec rules easily. It really speeds-up the process of hardening Windows 2000/2003 in Bastion Host Environment. Additionally, it allows to set-up IPSec exceptions, and enables a couple of TCP/IP Stack protections against DoSes. So, IPFront is nothing more than a small Frontend/GUI that writes small scripts that one can later execute from within IPFront, or externally, as simple script files, in other servers,

ROPE for IpTables
Added 2005-01-14
by Chris Lowth
ROPE allows IpTables to block P2P and other complex protocols accurately. It is a highly flexible iptables module that allows complex protocols (such as are used by P2P software) to be identified. It is an in-kernel scripting language designed for IP packet matching. A growing number of sample configurations (scripts) are provided, including: blocking Gnutella and Bittorrent clients, blocking large web downloads - etc. Plenty more to come. ROPE is part of the P2PWall

Added 2004-12-08
by James Meehan
pasmal 1.5 is a port knocking authentification system using simple or encrypted tcp/udp/icmp packets. pasmal can be used with iptables/ipchains (firewall purposes) or any other program (remote shell, reboot, etc)It is packaged with a php web admin, a command line client pasmal.client, start/stop rc.d scripts.pasmal 1.5 also feature an intrusion/attempts detection system due to its sniffers capabilities, running with syslogd and custom log files.

BullDog Firewall
Added 2004-10-27
by Robert APM Darin
Bulldog is a powerful but lightweight firewall for heavy use systems. With many features, this firewall can be used by anyone who wants to protect his/her systems. This system allow dynamic and static rules sets for maximum protection and has several advance features. This firewall will work for the hobbyist or a military base. Generation 7 is a complete rewrite and redesign from scratch. Be prepared to spend some time setting this up.

Added 2004-10-21
by Malcolm Smith
The Antinat SOCKS Server is a multi-threaded, scalable SOCKS server with a client library for writing proxy-based applications. It supports SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, authentication, firewalling, UDP, and name resolution.

Airscanner Mobile Firewall
Added 2004-10-08
by Airscanner Corp
A Full-Strength Personal Firewall for Your Windows Mobile/Pocket PC handheld. Airscanner Mobile Firewall for Windows Mobile Pocket PC is a low-level, bi-directional, packet filtering firewall that examines all incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic. This personal firewall ensures that data is permitted based on access control lists that you select from a set of predefined filters, or from filters that you create yourself. The firewall parses packets as they come in (or go out)

IP Firewall Hook ATL/COM
Added 2004-09-09
by Egemen Tas
IP Firewall Hook is a *FREE and open source* ATL/COM component based on "Windows Firewall-Hook Driver" technology. It is a powerful packet filtering component for Windows 2000/XP. A sample application firewall is also provided with it.

IP Firewall Lite ATL/COM
Added 2004-09-09
by Egemen Tas
IP Firewall Lite is a *FREE and open source* ATL/COM component based on "Windows IP Filter Driver" technology. It is a powerful packet filtering component for Windows 2000/XP. A sample application firewall is also provided along with it.

Firewall Builder
Added 2004-07-29
by Vadim Kurland
Firewall Builder consists of a GUI and set of policy compilers for various firewall platforms. It helps users maintain a database of objects and allows policy editing using simple drag-and-drop operations. The GUI and policy compilers are completely independent, and support for a new firewall platform can be added to the GUI without any changes to the program (only a new policy compiler is needed). This provides for a consistent abstract model and the same GUI for different firewall platforms. It currently supports iptables, ipfilter, and OpenBSD pf.

Added 2004-07-05
by Vincent Deffontaines
mod_auth_nufw is a Single Sign On Apache module which performs secure user identification and authentication, based on the Nufw firewalling suite. Nufw marks all connections of a network with a unique UserID. This module takes advantage of that mark and uses it to transparently identify and authenticate users requiring access to an Apache server.

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