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Category: Sniffers

Security Focused: Camal
Added 2002-03-12
by DarkRainbow
Security Focused: Camal is a vulnerability scanner with many features. It scans remote systems over the Internet, and includes many features, like a TCP and UDP scanner, a remote OS guesser, and the ability to write the result of the portscan to a textfile. It is only compatible with Linux.

Adelie Port Scanner
Added 2002-03-05
by Christian Clay Campbell
Adelie is a simple and extensible TCP port scanner written in Perl. It supports full TCP connect() scans, random port order, user-specified delay between scans, simple service identification, and logging.

Added 2002-03-02
by Marco van Berkum
Hackbot is a host exploration tool and bannergrabber. It scans numerous services and vulnerabilities.

Network Traffic Analyser
Added 2002-02-19
by Marko Zivanovic
Network Traffic Analyser (formerly known as sniffer) is designed to be an extremely powerful, configurable, and versatile tool for monitoring network traffic. It can be used as a plain sniffer, as a tool for accounting, dynamic firewall updates, and many more things. It features scripting support and an event-driven architecture.

Added 2002-02-13
by Damien Miller
Traffic-vis is a network monitoring/auditing tool. It is a free (GPL) tool which can graphically plot communications between hosts on a TCP/IP network and quickly answer questions such as Who is saturating our Internet link? :)

Added 2002-02-11
by Dr.Astral
Pluto is a tool that allows you to perform automated vulnerability assesment against remote host. Features included are: - Multi thread portscanner - CGI scanner - Port fingerprinting (under construction, can cause GUI to hang) - MSSQL Audit - FTP Audits - SMTP Audits - Password Audit - Great database of vulnerable software

Added 2002-02-07
by Efrain 'ET' Torres
When you use a WEB scanner it justs earches for the existence of cgis or files in common directories. Thats the fact. But it should not be that way. Because many companies just use their own locations to put their cgis. So you are just searching in a default web server path, leaving behind a huge space without testing, with bigger holes that you didnt found. WMAP search recursively, grabing all the info contained in html tags like HREF, FORM and FRAME, capturing the new directories , dividing and including them in the tests.

Added 2002-02-04
by Michael R. Widner
Popular Solaris 2.x sniffer, especially effective with 2.4 and 2.5(1)

Win Sniffer
Added 2002-02-01
by WinSniffer Inc.
Win Sniffer captures passwords on LAN. It capture ftp, http, telnet, icq, pop3, imap and other passwords.

Added 2002-01-29
by urity@www.securityfriday.com
ScoopLm captures LM/NTLM authentication information (LanManager and Windows NT challenge/response) on the network.

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