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Category: Auditing » Passwords

Password Policy Enforcer
Added 2002-08-26
Password Policy Enforcer allows network administrators to create and enforce a password policy. A password policy ensures that users are choosing strong (difficult to crack) passwords. PPE checks every new password for compliance with the policy. Passwords that do not comply with the policy are rejected. PPE also displays password policy messages that help users to choose compliant passwords without having to call the helpdesk for assistance.

Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery
Added 2002-06-06
by ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.
Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery (or simply AWOPR) is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to Corel WordPerfect Office documents: WordPerfect (*.wp, *.wpd), QuattroPro (*.qpw, *.wb?, *.wq1), Paradox (*.db). All versions of WordPerfect Office and its components (up to 2002) and protection modes are supported; the passwords are being recovered instantly or in a matter of minutes. Multilingual passwords are supported.

Remote Password Assasin (RPA)
Added 2002-04-11
by Roses Labs, info@roses-labs.com
Remote Password Assassin (RPA) is a powerful security tool to test passwords across networks. In a simple way, RPA is a Network Password Cracker using Brute Force Attack and able to attack very common ports on servers. When RPA is finish it will generate a HTML report, easy to follow and detailing the session.

PWL Grabber
Added 2002-04-11
by Simon Steed
A simple program that will display the cached passwords from your systems PWL file. The biggest problem with Windows is that by default, all your passwords are stored in a file with the extension *.pwl in your windows directory. This program, like others that are available, tear this file apart & reveal not only all your shares + passwords but dial up as well. The output can be redirected to a text file enabling hard copy record to be kept.

Added 2002-04-10
by Jade Storm
Mod_auth_kerb is an Apache module designed to provide Kerberos user authentication to the Apache web server. Using the Basic Auth mechanism, it retrieves a username/password pair from the browser and checks them against a Kerberos server as set up by your particular organization. It also supports mutual ticket authentication, although most browsers do not support that natively

Added 2002-03-04
by Brett Kuskie
BreakDown is a Linux password cracker that uses dictionary attacks and customizable brute force attacks. It can also be used as a sequential character generator.

Added 2002-01-07
by Lagoon-Software
MacAnalysis is a security auditing suite for your Macintosh to perform and help implement a security standard for your computer/network by performing a full security check of network protocols, open services, port scans, vulnerable CGI scripts and much more. This will scan your Macintosh, Unix, Windows, and Hardware for any vulnerable security holes!

SMB Auditing Tool
Added 2001-11-29
by Patrik Karlsson
The SMB Auditing Tool is a password auditing tool for the Windows-and the SMB-platform. It makes it possible to exploit the timeout architecture bug in Windows 2000/XP, making it extremly fast to guess passwords on these platforms. Running a large password file against Windows 2000/XP, shows statistics up to 1200 logins/sec. This means that you could run a commonly used English dictionary with 53 000 words against a server under a minute.

Added 2001-11-01
by G, brutus@hoobie.net
In simple terms, Brutus is an online or remote password cracker. More specifically it is a remote interactive authentication agent. Brutus is used to recover valid access tokens (usually a username and password) for a given target system. Examples of a supported target system might be an FTP server, a password protected web page, a router console, a POP3 server etc.

John the Ripper (Win32)
Added 2001-10-26
by Solar Designer
John the Ripper is a password cracker, currently available for UNIX, DOS, WinNT/Win95. Its primary purpose is to detect weak UNIX passwords.

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