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Category: Policy Enforcement » Email

Added 2003-12-29
by Micro Systems
smtp-vilter is a high-performance content filter for sendmail-based email servers. It is mainly meant for detecting viruses. It uses the milter API to connect to sendmail, and it can scan email messages using various backends.

Added 2003-12-15
by Dmitry E. Melamud
Fix-mime-charset automatically detects character sets of email message and modifies the Content-Type header appropriately. It can be used as mail filter in mailing lists where users often set the charset of their messages incorrectly. It processes messages fast and accurately, ignoring attachments, and correctly interprets transfer-encodings. None but the Content- Type header is changed.

Added 2003-12-09
by Justin Mason
SpamAssassin is a mail filter that uses a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text to identify spam. Once identified, the mail can then be optionally tagged as spam for later filtering. It provides a command line tool to perform filtering, a client-server system to filter large volumes of mail, and Mail::SpamAssassin, and a set of Perl modules that implement a Mail::Audit plugin0 (allowing SpamAssassin to be used in a Mail::Audit filter, a spam-protection proxy POP/IMAP server, or almost anywhere).

Added 2003-11-28
by Gary Gurevich
CleanPOP logs into a POP3 server and deletes messages which have had a local (or remote) spam header added to them, as well as messages that have been on the server for longer than a user-configurable amount of time. It helps you keep your POP3 mailbox clean, so you can use Webmail or download messages from your POP3 server to other machines without having to deal with spam. It correlates messages from your local mbox file with messages on the POP3 server, which means that you can use local antispam solutions to clean your remote inbox, and it never deletes an unfetched message, unlike other mail expiration scripts.

Added 2003-11-25
by David F. Skoll
CanIt is a server-based spam-control system built around SpamAssassin, MIMEDefang, Apache, and PostgreSQL. It features sophisticated spam-handling techniques which minimize the amount of spam you receive while guaranteeing that you'll never lose a valid email. CanIt achieves extraordinarily accurate discrimination through human intervention, and includes mechanisms to minimize the amount of human intervention required.

Added 2003-11-17
by Paul L Daniels
ripMIME extracts attachment files out of a MIME-encoded email pack.

Added 2003-11-10
by Len Sassaman
Mixmaster is an anonymous remailer. Remailers provide protection against traffic analysis and allow sending email mail anonymously or pseudonymously. Mixmaster consists of both client and server installations.

BitDefender for Sendmail libmilter
Added 2003-10-30
by Mircea MITU
BitDefender for Sendmail libmilter is a powerful antivirus solution for Linux mail servers. It provides proactive protection for message traffic at the email server level, eliminating the risk to the entire network that could be caused by a negligent user. Both sent and received messages are scanned in real time, avoiding the possible infections and preventing anyone from sending an infected message. It claims a 100% detection rate for all viruses in the wild through its powerful scanning engines, which are certified by the most prestigious testing labs.

AntiSpam Mail Filter
Added 2003-10-24
by Timo Roehling
AntiSpam Mail Filter is yet another Bayesian filter, designed for use with Exim.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy
Added 2003-10-23
by John Hanna
The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server project aims to create an open source platform independent SMTP Proxy server which implements whitelists and Bayesian filtering to help stop unsolicited commercial email (UCE). Anti-spam tools should be adaptive to new spam and customized for each site's email patterns. This easy to use tool works with any mail transport and achieves these goals requiring no operator intervention after the initial setup phase.

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