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System Statistics Remote Checker
Added 2003-01-06
by Stanley
SSRC (System Statistics Remote Checker) is a quite smart program written in C++. It's a little server that allows the systems administrator to remotely check its statistics and status. It gives information like how many currently-logged-in users, how many currently-running processes, percent of free RAM and swap, time at server, and more.

Wireless Tools/Howto
Added 2002-08-06
by Jean Tourrilhes
The Wireless Tools/HowTo provides a set of generic tools that can help you set up and monitor Wireless LAN devices through the Wireless Extension interface. This interface is available only under Linux 2.0.x and higher, and supports both pre-802.11 features and 802.11-compliant features. It is accompanied by the Linux Wireless LAN HowTo, which includes all the information you need to set up any Wireless LAN under Linux.

Wireless Access Point Utilites for Unix
Added 2002-07-04
by roma
Wireless Access Point Utilites for Unix is a set of utilities to configure and monitor Wireless Access Points under Unix.

EnderUNIX Hafiye
Added 2002-07-03
by Murat Balaban
Hafiye is a POSIX-compliant, customizable TCP/IP packet sniffer. Instead of interpreting protocols according to the data structures supplied by the operating system, it interprets Layer II, III, and IV as well as the payload, according to the knowledge base that it constructs from the user-supplied protocol configuration files.

ProBot SE
Added 2002-05-14
by NetHunter Group
ProBot SE is a workstation monitoring and keylogging suite. This software generates the detailed event log that is kept securely in binary files. These files may be later referred by the system administrator or computer owner for the exact reconstruction of the computer usage. ProBot SE remains undetected even under the most prying eyes. It is invisible both in Windows 9x/ME Ctrl+Alt+Del List and Windows NT process list.

Added 2002-05-14
by H. Carvey
This script uses WMI to watch the Win2K EventLog for new events. It will also work on NT if the WMI classes are installed. The benefit is that is uses NO POLLING to look for new events. It can form the basis of more involved scripts such as syslog clients, etc.

Bytes Counter
Added 2002-05-13
by aleksander augustowski
Bytes Counter displays detailed information about the number of bytes that have been transferred over a network interface.

Added 2002-05-02
by Thomas Graf
nstats prints statistics about ethernet network traffic. This includes protocol breakdown on several layers, counting packets and bytes per protocol, average packet size per protocol, TOS statistics, and TCP options usage.

Added 2002-04-29
by joe boyle
kspy is an "over the shoulder" user monitoring application for system administrators to log and monitor usage at an extremely granular level.

Added 2002-04-25
by Max Moser
Wellenreiter is a GTK/Perl program that makes the discovery and auditing of 802.11b wireless networks much easier. All three major wireless cards (Prism2, Lucent, and Cisco) are supported. It has an embedded statistics engine for the common parameters provided by wireless drivers. Its scanner window can be used to discover access-points, networks, and ad-hoc cards. It detects essid broadcasting or non-broadcasting networks in every channel. The manufacturer and WEP is automaticly detected. A flexible sound event configuration lets you work in unattended environments. An ethereal / tcpdump-compatible dumpfile can be created for the whole session. GPS is used to track the location of the discovered networks immediately. Automatic associating is possible with randomly generated MAC addreses. Wellenreiter can reside on low-resolution devices that can run GTK/Perl and Linux/BSD (such as iPaqs). Uniq Essod-bruteforcer is now included too.

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