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The Year of the Worm
In examining the Internet worms fielding thus far, two facts stand out. First, these pieces of malware are more complex than previous instances and, second, their writers have taken them beyond being proof-of-concept attacks. Some now contain payloads designed to destroy computer files and configuration information. Their complexity and lethality make this year's crop of worms place special challenges on anti-virus vendors. This article will take a brief look at some of the developments in ma...
By: Bill Hayes 2001-08-16

Wireless Devices and a New Generation of Viruses
As wireless applications become more common, security becomes a more important issue. Unfortunately, due to the ease of wireless deployment, and the freshness of the technology, many people do not realize the risks associated with operating wireless technologies. This article will offer a brief overview of the security concerns involved with wireless networks, including: how and why they are vulnerable to compromise, how they can be protected, and some expected future developments.
By: Josh Ryder 2001-06-27

How Fast is Fast?
By: Robert Vibert 2001-07-17

Protecting Your Workplace: 10 Anti-Virus Rules
By: Kaspersky Lab 2001-02-05

Building Anna Kournikova: An Analysis of the VBSWG Worm Kit
By: Markus Schmall 2001-08-02

A History of Viruses
By: Jeremy Paquette 2000-07-17

Linux Firewall - the Traffic Shaper
By: Jan Van Oorschot 2001-01-15

Inside the Stages worm

By: Szappanos Gabor 2000-12-11

Inside the Stages worm

By: Szappanos Gabor 2000-11-16

Virus Security for Small Enterprises
By: Chris Jackson 2001-02-28

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