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Tweaking Social Security to Combat Fraud
by Tim Mullen, 2008-02-13
While identity theft makes headlines, more attention needs to be paid to the problem posed by permanent Social Security number, SecurityFocus contributor Timothy Mullen says.

Skills for the Future
by Don Parker, 2008-01-31
Jumping from system administrator to security analyst, or just improving your skills as an analyst, should be easy enough to do on the job, says SecurityFocus contributor Don Parker.

Mother, May I?
by Mark Rasch, 2008-01-23
A recent case from North Dakota reveals a DNS zone transfer may lead not only to civil liability, but could land you in jail.

Finding a Cure for Data Loss
by Jamie Reid, 2008-01-16
With the number of people affected by data breaches mounting, it's high time that we stopped treating personal data like industrial waste, states SecurityFocus columnist Jamie Reid.

Real Flaws in Virtual Worlds
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2007-12-20
Massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), such as World of Warcraft, have millions of subscribers interacting online. So how do they manage security?

Copyrights and Wrongs
by Mark Rasch, 2007-12-11
If the legal system allowed copyright laws to be pushed to their fullest, everyone would be considered a criminal, argues SecurityFocus columnist and attorney Mark Rasch.

The Man in the Machine
by Federico Biancuzzi, 2007-12-04
Many people may not have heard of the late Jun-ichiro "Itojun" Hagino, but if your network is using IPv6, then you likely have some of his code running on your machines. SecurityFocus contributor Federico Biancuzzi interviewed the network and security guru before his death in late October.

Aye, Robot, or Can Computers Contract?
by Mark Rasch, 2007-11-16
The law surrounding click-wrap agreements is confusing. Yet, as more robots and software agents start to act on a user's behalf, the situation is only set to get worse, says columnist Mark Rasch.

Don't blame the IDS
by Don Parker, 2007-11-09
Gartner's now-famous pronouncement of the death of the IDS still doesn't ring true for columnist Don Parker. He argues that the security system still makes sense, and companies just need to focus on training their security analysts better.

E-mail privacy to disappear?
by Mark Rasch, 2007-11-02
In a case involving massive fraud, the United States government is arguing that it can read anybody's e-mail at any time without a warrant. Ready to give up your privacy?

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