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Category: Utilities » Filesystem

Added 2002-03-15
by Yves Mettier
MyAM is an alert manager. Send an alert to MyAM and it will perform the following operations: archive the alert, update the user views that are concerned in the alert, and execute actions depending on the alert type and content. Additionnaly, MyAM will clean old archived alerts. MyAM stores alerts on your disk (not in a database), which makes it easy to develop, easy to install, and easy to administer.

Added 2002-03-01
by Rupert Jones
Spocket (Swing Pocket) is a Java Swing application to securely store passwords using symmetric encryption. A user can set up one or many 'datastores' of password/username combinations and commit them to disk. They are stored on the filesystem using PBE Blowfish.

The Forensic ToolKit
Added 2002-02-26
by Foundtone, Inc.
The Forensic ToolKit contains several Win32 Command line tools that help you examine the files on a NTFS disk partition for unauthorized activity. This tool is a file properties analyzer. It performs numerous functions such as examine the files on a disk drive for unauthorized activity, lists files by their last access time, search for access times between certain time frames, scan the disk for hidden files and data streams. The Forensic toolkit will also dump file and security attributes, report on audited files, discover altered ACL's and see if a server reveals too much info via NULL sessions.

Leetnet client
Added 2002-02-06
by Malikai
Leetnet features a secure realtime address mapping system to dynamically link leetnet subscribers, an easy-to-use Web interface for managing your VPN, and an auto-updating client script. The Leetnet client is a Unix shell script that manages ipsec daemons. It manages ipsec tunnels by including two additional ipsec.conf formatted configuration files, which contain the Freeswan conn entries to leetnet servers and conn entries to leetnet sites. In addition to managing tunnels, the Linux client auto-updates itself and deals with tunnel management issues (like snort exiting when the ipsec interface goes down). All leetnet updates and communications are transport secured via ipsec at minimum.

Added 2002-02-05
by Arne Vidstrom
PMDump is a tool that lets you dump the memory contents of a process to a file without stopping the process. This can be useful in a forensic investigation.

Added 2002-01-30
by Robert A. Rota
This tool turns off Windows 2000/.Net Group Policies (GPO) on your network. It is completly automated and you do not have to be administrator to run the application or turn off all of the security policies in your environment. The developer takes no responsibility for damage or loss of production due to missuse of this tool. C++ source code provided by request.

Added 2002-01-23
by Andrey Sverdlichenko
This is cryptographic disk driver for FreeBSD. It provides transparent encryption and decryption of selected devices. It is based on vn(4).

Added 2002-01-18
by horsburgh
FileManager is a secure (SSL), multi-user, and web- based program for file, directory, and remote command management. It is written in Perl, for Linux and Unix-like operating systems. It displays full directory information; allows file viewing, deleting, renaming, uploading, downloading, etc.; assists in directory navigation; and can execute any command for which the user account has privilege. FileManager also comes with a built-in text editor for quick editing and file updates.

Added 2002-01-03
by Terrel Shumway
rsyncpub is a stripped version of rsync-2.5.0 that implements just the --daemon functionality with read-only modules. It is intended for use in "publish-only" deployments (e.g. rsync mirrors) where security is important.

Added 2001-12-19
by Nick Leuta
BSDftpd-ssl is an RFC2228 "FTP Security Extensions"-compliant FTP server. It is based on FreeBSD's ftpd, and with special clients supports TLS/SSL for both control and data connections, but with standard clients operates as a standard FTP server.

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