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Category: Auditing » Log Analysis

Added 2003-12-22
by Holger Weiss
pppusage summarizes PPP transfer volumes, number of connections, and (on BSD systems) online time. The data is collected by reading the syslog files which contain the ppp[d] messages. A database file is used to store the relevant data. Certain time ranges (that is: a year, month, or day) may be specified on the commandline.

phpAwStats phpAwStats
Added 2003-12-22
by odcm
phpAwStats is a tool to parse AWStats logfiles. It stores the results in a database for simplified access. It uses PHP5.

Squid Analyzer
Added 2003-12-19
by Gilles DAROLD
Squid Analyzer parses the native access log format of the Squid proxy and reports general statistics about hits, bytes, users, networks, top URLs, and top second level domains. Statistic reports are oriented toward user and bandwidth control; this is not a pure cache statistics generator.

Added 2003-12-12
by Folkert van Heusden
slst generates statistics from the output of syslog. One can find tendencies and unexpected changes in the behaviour of the running processes.

Metacortex OpenBSD PF Toolbox
Added 2003-12-11
by SecurityOffice
Metacortex consists of a PF graphical user interface. Built on the proactively secure OpenBSD operating system, and featuring an HTML based graphic interface for easy monitoring.

Yet Another Advanced Log Analyzer
Added 2003-12-09
by Florian Forster
"yaala" parses logfiles and generates very detailed statistics in HTML format. The information one will get can be selected by using SQL-like expressions, which provide filtering with relational operators (like equal, greater than, less than) as well as regular expressions. It includes input parsers for the Common Log Format (e.g. Apache's access logs), NCSA logs (e.g. Apache's combined logs), Squid access logs, the xferlog format (used by FTP daemons), bind9's query logs, and postfix entries in the maillog.

Added 2003-12-08
by Frank Cohen
TestMaker delivers a rich environment for building and running intelligent test agents that test Web-enabled applications for scalability, functionality, and performance. It comes with a friendly graphical user environment, an object-oriented scripting language (Jython) to build intelligent test agents, an extensible library of protocol handlers (HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, XML-RPC, SMTP, POP3, IMAP), a new agent wizard featuring an Agent Recorder to write scripts for you, a library of fully-functional sample test agents, and shell scripts to run test agents from the command line and from unit test utilities.

Log Watcher
Added 2003-12-02
by Artur R. Czechowski
lwatch is a log parser/analyzer written in C with the PCRE library. It is small and efficient. You are able to define your own colors using regexp patterns. The biggest advantage compared to other tools written in Perl is its speed.

Added 2003-11-26
by Krzysztof Gibas
scr_ipfm is a PHP script which graphically displays the amount of data downloaded by users in a local network. To do this, it uses logs generated by the ipfm program (available at http://robert.cheramy.net/ipfm/). scr_ipfm features the ability to sort by in-coming data size, out-going data size, total data size, or host. Daily, monthly, annual, and global statistics are gathered.

Added 2003-11-26
by Balázs Bárány
fwanalog is a shell script that parses and summarizes firewall logfiles. It understands logs from ipf (xBSD, Solaris), OpenBSD 3.x pf, Linux 2.2 ipchains, Linux 2.4 iptables, and some routers and firewalls (Linksys, Cisco). The excellent log analysis program, Analog (which is also free software), is used to create the reports.

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