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Category: Cryptography

EPX Crypting Software
Added 2004-09-16
by EdronSoft
Protect your documents from others by encrypting them with DES and Triple DES strong algorithms. No need to remember passwords because you keep the key used for the decryption in a removable media device such as usb pen-drive (or floppy disk). Wipe function to destroy data and full Drag'N Drop support.

Added 2004-08-23
by OpenBSD Project
This is a Linux/portable port of OpenBSD's excellent OpenSSH. OpenSSH is based on the last free version of Tatu Ylonen's SSH with all patent-encumbered algorithms removed, all known security bugs fixed, new features reintroduced, and many other clean-ups.

CipherPack Pro
Added 2004-08-05
by VIO Systems Limited
Encrypts and compresses files and data into a single Windows executable. The user just runs it and when the correct key is supplied, the file decrypts. Without the correct key, the original file contents can never be seen.

Added 2004-08-04
by Rudolph Araujo
SSL Digger looks at the SSL Ciphers that a web server supports. It produces a report and grades the site.

BitCrypt Free
Added 2004-07-22
by Moshe Szweizer
BitCrypt Free is a sophisticated tool allowing for encryption of plain text within bitmap image. While encrypting it modifies the individual pixel shadings of the image, and in this way incorporates the information related to the text being encoded. The modifications of the image are so small that the effect is not perceptible to the human eye.

Added 2004-07-19
by Marcin Kurzawa
CryptoHeaven offers secure email and online file sharing/storage. Its main features are secure and highly encrypted services such as group collaboration, file sharing, email, online storage, and instant messaging. It integrates multi-user based security into email, instant messaging, and file storage and sharing in one unique package. It provides real time communication for text and data transfers in a multi-user secure environment. The security and usability of CryptoHeaven is well-balanced; even the no-so-technically oriented computer users can enjoy this crypto product with very high level of encryption.

GNU Anubis
Added 2004-06-02
by Wojciech Polak
GNU Anubis is an outgoing mail processor. It goes between the MUA (Mail User Agent) and the MTA (Mail Transport Agent), and can perform various sorts of processing and conversion on-the-fly in accordance with the sender's specified rules, based on a highly configurable regular expressions system. It operates as a proxy server, and can edit outgoing mail headers, encrypt or sign mail with the GnuPG, build secure SMTP tunnels using the TLS/SSL encryption even if your mail user agent doesn't support it, or tunnel a connection through a SOCKS proxy server.

Added 2004-05-10
by tao51
The yaSSL software package is a fast, dual-licensed implementation of SSL. It includes SSL client libraries and an SSL server implementation. It supports multiple APIs, including those defined by SSL and TLS. It also supports an OpenSSL compatibility interface.

Added 2004-05-06
by Christian Grothoff
GNUnet is a peer-to-peer framework with focus on providing security. All link-to-link messages in the network are confidential and authenticated. The framework provides a transport abstraction layer and can currently encapsulate the peer-to-peer traffic in UDP, TCP, or SMTP messages. GNUnet supports accounting to provide contributing nodes with better service. The primary service build on top of the core GNUnet framework is anonymous file sharing.

Added 2004-04-28
by Sivasankar Chander
Qryptix consists of a PAM object and utilities for session- and key-management for encrypted home directories using the International Kernel (CryptoAPI) patches for Linux. It simplifies login/logout, mounting/unmounting, and key generation and changing.

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