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Category: Cryptography » Traffic Encryption

Added 2002-03-08
by Void Technologies
LinVPN allows you to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) from Linux to Linux. Normally both are gateways of a LAN, then the LANs behind them may access each other over an encrypted tunnel created by the software.

pptp proxy
Added 2002-03-04
by Emmanuel Mogenet
pptp proxy forwards a PPTP VPN connection through a Linux firewall.

MOVEit Freely
Added 2002-03-04
by Standard Networks
MOVEit Freely is a secure, "drop-in" replacement for ftp.exe, the non-secure command line FTP client in Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, and NT 4.0 systems. Unlike Microsoft's FTP client, MOVEit Freely can safely exchange files with secure FTP servers using 128-bit key SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, the highest level of protection currently available for Internet communications.

IIP (Invisible IRC Project)
Added 2002-02-05
by IIP Team
Invisible Irc Project's IIP software is the first secure and anonymous Instant Messenging system utilizing the IRC protocol. This is a 3-tier crypto-network design that protects the users and servers from each other, and is compatible with all IRC clients seemlessly. Utilizing Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol, and 128 bit Blowfish session encryption, this is the tool for secure, private, communication between users.

GNet Anonymous Distributed File Sharing System
Added 2002-02-04
by Christian Grothoff
GNet is a decentralized, distributed network with confidential and authenticated communication. A first service implemented on top of the networking layer allows anonymous distribution and retrieval of content.

No One Fears GPG
Added 2002-01-08
by Christopher R. Gabriel
No One Fears GPG (nofgpg) is a small Python-GNOME GPG key manager. It features searching on keyservers with automatic key import.

Added 2001-12-13
by Ben Laurie, ben@algroup.co.uk
Apache-SSL uses the public domain SSL implementation known as OpenSSL, integrated into the Apache server to provide a public domain HTTPS server using Netscape Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), versions 2 and 3 and TLS version 1. There are licensing issues in connection with use of the OpenSSL code in the US, and there are ITAR restrictions on export, even though the OpenSSL code is obtained from an overseas location.

Linux VPN Masquerade
Added 2001-12-13
by John Hardin, jhardin@wolfenet.com
Linux VPN Masquerade allows you to use an IPSec or PPTP VPN host (client or server) behind a Linux masquerading firewall. No more hogging the cable modem when you need to connect to the office network.

Lucent Orinoco Registry Encryption/Decryption
Added 2001-12-11
by Anders Ingeborn, ingeborn@ixsecurity.com
Lucent Orinoco Client Manager stores SSID and WEP secret for all known profiles in the Windows registry. The WEP secret is encrypted and the algorithm is not, as far as we know and up until today, publicly documented.

Modular Syslog
Added 2001-12-05
by Alejo
The modular syslog allows for an easy implementation of input and output modules. The modules that mantain compatibility with its precursor are included in the standard distribution along with four modules: om_peo (an implementation of PEO-1 and L-PEO, two algorithmic protocols for integrity checking), om_mysql and om_pgsql (modules that sends output to a mysql and postgresql database, respectively) and om_regex (a module that allows output redirection using regular expressions).

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