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Added 2003-11-20
by Jerome Poggi
WifiScanner is an analyzer and detector of 802.11b stations and access points. It can listen alternatively on all the 14 channels, write packet information in real time, can search access points and associated client stations, and can generate a graphic of the architecture using GraphViz. All network traffic can be saved in the libpcap format for post analysis. It works under Linux with a PrismII or CISCO card and with the linux-wlan, hostap, or Aironet driver

BitDefender AntiVirus for Samba
Added 2003-11-17
by Mircea MITU
BitDefender AntiVirus for Samba protects Samba servers running under Linux from viruses and other malware. It's configured for "On-Access" scanning of the files that are copied to or are accessed from the Samba file server's shared partitions. BitDefender claims 100% detection rate for all viruses in the wild (ITW) through its powerful scanning engines certified by the most prestigious testing labs (ICSA in February 2003, Virus Bulletin 100% in June 2003 and CheckMark in August 2003).

Added 2003-11-10
by chip
mod_athn_dbi is an Apache 2.1+ authentication module using the AAA framework currently in Apache-2.1-dev (only in CVS). It uses libdbi to provide database abstraction and allows it to be used in conjunction with MySQL, PostgreSQL, or any other database libdbi has a module for.

BitDefender for Sendmail libmilter
Added 2003-10-30
by Mircea MITU
BitDefender for Sendmail libmilter is a powerful antivirus solution for Linux mail servers. It provides proactive protection for message traffic at the email server level, eliminating the risk to the entire network that could be caused by a negligent user. Both sent and received messages are scanned in real time, avoiding the possible infections and preventing anyone from sending an infected message. It claims a 100% detection rate for all viruses in the wild through its powerful scanning engines, which are certified by the most prestigious testing labs.

Added 2003-10-30
by Erwan Legrand
The mod_securid Apache module implements RSA SecurID authentication for the Apache Web server. It allows administrators to restrict access to Web sites (or parts of Web sites) to users authenticated using a SecurID token and an ACE server.

Added 2003-10-02
by Izak Burger [contact developer]
pam_script executes a script (/etc/security/pam_script by default) whenever a user logs out of a service. It is meant for cleaning up when a user logs out.

Added 2003-09-22
by Alexander Reelsen
iptacct is an iptables/netfilter accounting tool written in perl. It uses an XML configuration file and stores the data in a completely user-configurable, modular way. You can use any backend you want to use in order to store the data, instead of being forced by the software to save the accounting data in a SQL database, a text file, or an RRD database.

Added 2003-08-26
by Carlo Comin
LKL is a userspace key logger that runs under Linux on the x86 architechture. LKL sniffs and logs everything that passes through the hardware keyboard port (0x60). It translates keycodes to ASCII with a keymap file.

Added 2003-07-15
by Tom Cashmore
MIDAS NMS is a highly configurable network monitoring and network intrusion detection server. It uses a distributed client/server model that allows it to scale to very large networks, and features highly optimized Snort support that dramatically reduces the overhead of both the Snort Sensor and the alert data repository. It also supports Netsaint/Nagios plugins and Big Brother clients, allowing for easy migration.

Added 2003-07-08
by Adam Richard
LogAgent 4.0 Open Source is the latest version of the popular log monitoring software. Now monitors also Event Viewer logs, and you have the ability to send the output to the printer. You can also specify NULL directories for greater flexibility. You can also append time and date along with IP, hostname and username. Ships with 2 standalone companion programs, ADSScan (an alternate data stream scanner) and the combo HashGen and Integcheck (a MD5-SHA1 file system integrity checker, or HIDS), both free and Open Source.

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