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Category: Policy Enforcement

IVS Milter
Added 2004-02-18
by Nigel Kukard
IVS Milter is a virus, spam, and content milter. It makes use of the antivirus package ClamAV, and can also seamlessly integrate SpamAssassin (either spamc or libspamc). IVS Milter is also plugin based and currently supports virus scanning, spam scanning, content-type matching, attachment type matching, and attachment filename matching.

MailStripper Pro (Linux x86)
Added 2004-02-16
by Michael McConnell
MailStripper Pro is a mail scanner that aims to remove spam and viruses from incoming mail using the F-Prot anti-virus. It is written in Tcl and was designed to be MTA-independent.

Junk Mail Buffering Agent
Added 2004-02-16
by Andrew Wood
Junk Mail Buffering Agent is a tool for preventing delivery of email until the sender has confirmed his address. It is intended for use in conjunction with a spam filter to prevent delivery of suspected spam email messages unless the sender is confirmed as valid.

Added 2004-02-16
by covox
CECID (The CEnsorship CIrcumvention Device) is a PHP script designed to anonymize and filter HTTP requests, especially for users behind restrictive firewalls (e.g. workplaces, schools, etc.). It remotely loads a page that a user specifies, and filters it for words on its 'weighted phrase list', a list of words commonly blocked by network administrators. It alters these words to avoid detection, and displays the page requested. It can also be used for anonymizing HTTP requests, for situations where cloaking and security are required.

Email Security through Procmail
Added 2004-02-12
by John Hardin
Email Security through Procmail attempts to address the trend towards "enhancing" email clients with support for active content, which exposes end-users to many and varied threats, by "sanitizing" email: removing obvious exploit attempts and disabling the channels through which exploits are delivered. Facilities for detecting and blocking Trojan Horse exploits and worms are also provided.

Added 2004-02-09
by Lefteris Chatzibarbas
IMAPFilter connects to remote IMAP mail servers and processes messages according to defined filters (rules). It is intended to be executed before a user accesses his/her mailboxes.

Added 2004-02-02
by labrum
MydoomDeleter tries to identify email messages infected with the Mydoom(.B) worm in POP3 mailboxes. It deletes any infected message that it identifies while they are still on the server. In order to perform the identification, it applies some heuristics to the headers, the size of the messages, and name of the attachment. It thus avoids downloading the actual email, making retrievals less taxing. It has both interactive and nonstop modes.

Added 2004-02-02
by Brian Burton
SpamProbe is a spam detection program that uses a Bayesian analysis of the frequencies of terms used in the email. Because it filters email based on content rather than on general rules, it easily adapts itself to the types of email that each individual user normally receives.

Added 2004-01-28
by D. J. Hawkey Jr.
This release adds build-time options to decode RFC-2047 "Subject" text, reject mail with missing or empty "Subject" text, and log a summary of rejecting rulesets. The subject filters have been expanded, and the processing of them is much more efficient. Support scripts and programs have been updated and/or added.

Quick Spam Filter
Added 2004-01-16
by Andrew Wood
Quick Spam Filter is a small, fast spam filter that works by learning to recognise the words that are more likely to appear in spam than non-spam. It is intended to be used in a procmail recipe to mark email as being possible spam.

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