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Category: Utilities » Log Management

Added 2003-02-06
by Hatto von Hatzfeld
apachelogrotate.pl rotates and packs the logfiles of the Apache Web server on a Linux system without interrupting its service and without the need for a permanent change in the Web server configuration. Assuming that Apache is running, it will identify the log files which have to be rotated without any configuration, making it easy to install. By default, logfiles with more than 10 MB are rotated, but this parameter may be changed and/or a daily, monthly, or yearly rotation period can be configured. Documentation is included in the script itself.

Added 2003-02-04
by Egemen Tas or
proDETECT is an open source promiscious mode scanner with a GUI.It uses ARP packet analyzing technique to detect adapters in promiscious mode.This tool can be used by security administrators to detect sniffers in a LAN.It can be scheduled for regular scanning over periods.It also has some advanced reporting capabilities such as SMTP reporting.Full source code is included.

Added 2003-02-03
by David Deuchert
Bossman is an end-user server management tool for the JBoss Application Server. The tool will provide a Web frontend to many of the administration/monitoring task required for day to day maintanence of the server.

Active@ File Recovery
Added 2003-01-16
by Active@ Data Recovery Services
Active@ File Recovery is a powerful software utility, designed to restore accidentally deleted files and directories. It allows you to recover files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin, as well as those deleted after avoiding the Recycle Bin (e.g. Shift-Delete).

Added 2002-12-04
by Arne Vidstrom
"klogger" is a keystroke logger for Windows NT / 2000.

Added 2002-11-29
by BW-IPFM uses ipfm log files to generate easy-to-read reports. It can provide daily and monthly repor
BW-IPFM uses ipfm log files to generate easy-to-read reports. It can provide daily and monthly reports and reports for a specific period.

Added 2002-07-26
by jlh@mc.net
A large collection of handy command line tools for NT account, log and security maintenance.

XLNT Procguard
Added 2002-06-28
by Adrianus Warmenhoven
XLNT Procguard monitors a basic Unix daemon. It uses the fastest timer available and restarts the daemon if it dies. It can join a running daemon or it can be used in a startup script.

Ganglia Cluster Toolkit - Gmetad Web Frontend branch
Added 2002-06-18
by Matt Massie
Ganglia provides a complete real-time monitoring and execution environment that is in use by hundreds of universities, private and government laboratories, and commercial cluster implementors around the world. Ganglia is as simple to install and use on a 16-node cluster as it is to use on a 512-node cluster, as has been proven by its use on multiple 500+ node clusters.

Added 2002-06-17
by Christopher Pace
Pace Check is a utility that searches through system logs and finds cases where someone has tried to gain access to your server (non-legit), then it saves them to a log, mails them to you, or sends them to stdout. It supports http, ftp, and others.

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