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Added 2002-04-15
by Ingmar Koecher
EventwatchNT is an eventlog monitoring tool. It runs as a Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows XP service and waits for new events in the eventlog(s). If an event occurs (configurable) it will be sent to the recipient(s) via smtp email. EventwatchNT can also receive messages from remote unix syslog daemons. EventwatchNT will not miss events that ocurred during a system boot and will try to resend messages when the network or the smtp server are unavailable.

IP Bandwidth Watchdog
Added 2002-03-26
by Andrew Nevynniy
ipband is a pcap-based traffic monitor. It tallies per-subnet traffic and bandwidth usage and starts detailed logging if the specified threshold for a specific subnet is exceeded. This utility could be handy in a limited bandwidth WAN environment (frame relay, ISDN, etc.) to pinpoint offending traffic sources if certain links become saturated to the point where legitimate packets start getting dropped.

Added 2002-03-21
by Jan Windischmann
5pstats generates statistics about the pppd usage. It captures information about the amount of transferred bytes and the time you spent online and stores it in a MySQL database. It then generates HTML pages with several statistics.

The EDDIE Tool
Added 2002-03-12
by Chris Miles
The EDDIE Tool is a system monitoring, security, and performance analysis tool developed entirely in Python. Its key features are portability, powerful configuration, and ease of expansion.

Added 2002-03-07
by Hitesh Patel AKA BrownKid
NorthStar is a system to track IP allocations and assign them to specific devices, owners, and locations. NorthStar can nest allocations as deep as you like and also has a user permissions system to control additions, modifications, and deletions of data.

IIPwr Package
Added 2002-02-25
by IIPwr
The IIPwr package comes equipt with both KeySpy and Topmail. KeySpy lets you monitor and record activity (such as keystrokes, active applications, passwords, visited websites, emails, chats etc.) on a computer and then send the recorded data to your email. KeySpy is especially designed to monitor a computer you don't have direct access to. It is invisible to the user, data is encrypted and it does not effect the system performance in any way! KeySpy main features include: Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP! Tiny executable file (less than 250 Kbytes)! Runs invisibly! Stealth 'email sending' mechanism that is undetectable! File backdating and data encryption! Works with a list of SMTP servers to make sure emails go thru! Auto detects SMTP servers while running! Multilanguage support! TopMail is an email utility that lets you send anonymous emails from any email address to any email address. With TopMail you don't need to have an email account and can instantly send out emails that appear to arrive from any email address or name you want. It works perfectly with KeySpy as you can use it to send KeySpy as an email attachment to any target computer you want to monitor. TopMail can also auto detect an SMTP server to send the emails thru making the 'send' process as simple as possible.

Added 2002-02-04
by Benjamin Schweizer
echolot listens on a network interface, grabs ARP packets, and stores them in a iptraf-compatible database.

Added 2002-02-01
by Paul Starzetz
Appcap is a tricky application for x86 Linux which allows an user with enough power (usually the superuser) on a machine to attach and redirect standard input and output of any application to his/her actual tty. In this way the superuser obtains an instrument for looking into ordinary users' sessions. This may be very useful if you suspect some of your users of doing nasty things from your machine.

Sec - simple event correlator
Added 2002-01-08
by Risto Vaarandi
Sec is a free and platform independent event correlation tool that was designed for network and application management, but it can be applied for solving any other task where similar event correlation operations are relevant. Sec reads lines from a file, named pipe or standard input, and matches the lines with regular expressions to recognize input events. Events are then correlated according to the rules in configuration file, producing output events by executing user-specified shell commands. By using utilities like snmptrap(1) or snmpnotify(1), sec can be configured to generate network management events as output. Since sec uses powerful regular expression concept for matching input and also supports named pipes as input files, it can not merely be used for matching events from a single logfile, but also for more general purposes. You can integrate sec with arbitrary network management (or other) application, provided that output from that application can be directed to a named pipe. Most modern network management platforms provide means for redirecting their event stream, and example program for HP OpenView ITO is included in the sec package.

Added 2002-01-03
by Mark Fullmer
flow-tools is a set of programs for processing and managing NetFlow exports from Cisco routers. The tools included are: flow-capture, flow-cat, flow-dscan, flow-expire, flow-export, flow-fanout, flow-filter, flow-gen, flow-header, flow-import, flow-merge, flow-print, flow-receive, flow-send, flow-split, flow-stat, and flow-xlate.

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