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Senate delays vote on spy bill
A bill that would modernize the United States' legal framework for eavesdropping and grant telecommunications companies retroactive immunity for wiretapping customers will have to wait until January.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-12-18

Researchers reverse Netflix anonymization
Two computer scientists show that a large set of transactional data poses privacy risks by finding a way to link movie ratings from the Netflix Prize dataset to publicly available information.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-12-04

Group drafts rules to nix credit-card storage
The organization responsible for technical and best-practice standards in the payment industry plans to require the makers of merchant software to certify that their programs do not store sensitive data.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-11-19

Task force aims to improve U.S. cybersecurity
A blue-ribbon panel of three dozen security experts hopes to craft a strategy to improve cybersecurity by the time the next president takes office.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-11-01

Court filings double estimate of TJX breach
Online attackers stole information on more than 94 million credit- and debit-card accounts, more than double the original estimates, according to court documents.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-10-26

Identity thieves likely to be first-timers, strangers
Six years of U.S. Secret Service cases reveal that the majority of identity thieves do not know their victims and do not have a prior criminal record.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-10-22

Retailers look to exorcise credit-card data
The National Retail Federation sends a letter asking that its members be allowed to decide what credit-card data to keep.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-10-09

DHS, Unisys scrutinized after data breach
A Congressional committee claims that Unisys allowed malicious code to infect federal systems.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-09-25

Customers: TD Ameritrade failed to warn of breach
Numerous account holders complained over the past year that the consumer brokerage had sold or leaked e-mail addresses to pump-and-dump spammers.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-09-18

Max Vision charged with hacking -- again
Federal prosecutors charge former security consultant Max Butler, better known amongst security researchers as "Max Vision," alleging that he supplied and managed a ring of identity thieves.
By: Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-09-12

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