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Platform: Windows 95/98

MSN Protocol Analyzer
Added 2006-03-02
by Gordon Ahn
1. Overview MSNProtocol Analyzer(MSNPAnalyzer) is a network utility that can monitor (or capture, monitor) the sessions of MSN Protocol. If you use this program in conbination with SwitchSniffer program, you can capture and see all the MSNP sessions including conversations and MSN commands. >>>Benefits and Features: -. MSNPAnalyzer can monitor 2 NICs or more at once. -. MSNPAnalyzer can show MSN commands and the procedures of connection. -. MSNPAnalyzer enables you to see all the conversions on the network. -. If MSNPAnalyzer is used in conbination with SwitchSniffer program, You can capture all see all the MSN protocols and conversations. -. It is very easy to make MSNPAnalyzer to work. Just run MSNPAnalyzer on any computer on your network, and start to monitor. -. MSNPAnalyzer parses, decodes, analyzing MSN protocol in real-time. -. MSNPAnalyzer enables you to viewing the contents, commands and sessions of MSN protocol on-the-fly. >>> Who use it? [Developers] &#12288; want to see the MSN protocol including MSN commands to develope the products related to MSN. [Parents] &#12288; Want to know what their children are most concerned? [Company Managers] &#12288; Supervise your employees' chating at work, and conversation for reference later. 2. Getting Started 1) Install this program (MSN Protocol Analyzer). 2) Select Start->Programs->MSN Protocol Analyzer->MSN Protocol Analyzer 3) Just click "Start" button. 4) Looking at the main screen of MSNPAnalyzer.

Trillian Password Recovery
Added 2006-02-24
by Reactive Software
Trillian Password Recovery is a tool that will instantly find all Trillian accounts on your computer, extract encrypted passwords and decode these passwords. All versions of Trillian are supported (both Trillian Basic and Trillian Pro versions). Passwords from all protocols are extracted in all profiles that are on the PC. The program supports recovery of passwords from external files.

Access Manager1
Added 2006-02-23
by www.net-pc-spy.com
Access Manager is an award wining software for monitoring the networked computers. This software can be helpful for government organization, companies, schools, colleges etc to monitor the activities on the computers. Its cleverly designed GUI offers you the access to various functions easily. It is very easy to use for both a novice user and an expert user. it allows real time monitoring of employees and continuous tracking of users activities on networked computers. Designed for monitoring employees, workers, students, tracking the usage of public computers in libraries or spying on individual network attached PC. Access Manager is used to track employees activities in organizations that have from two to hundreds networked computers. All monitoring options are configured remotely from a single PC. This employee monitoring software can record activity on all computers in LAN for future advanced analysis with excellent report generation capabilities. Using our PC monitoring software you will increase the productivity of working staff in your company.

Added 2006-02-22
by Izecom
Encrypt and sign your e-mail messages, just by pressing the Send button in your e-mail program with Izemail. No need to exchange encryption keys or certificates, no need to go through complex enrollment procedures. The program allows you to send an encrypted and signed message, and all you need to know is their e-mail address. This program uses widespread standards for e-mail encryption such as S/MIME and PKI, making it compatible with any technology that supports S/MIME or PKI. It can read, decrypt and verify messages sent by these other systems. This program takes your message, encrypts it and delivers it to the recipient. If recipient doesn't already have an encryption key, the program makes sure they get one. Also, the software can use X.509 certificates issued by any CA that complies with PKI standards. It does not require you to use Izemail certificates.

Added 2006-02-20
by zwell
It's very small(only 8k) port scanner use TCP connect , but really high-speed and strong that support nmap-style ip range and port range. So it must fit you nicely if you wanna a smallest but strange port-scanner. More information please view the help screen. Link: http://www.nosec.org/web/?q=zps

MSN Messenger Password Recovery
Added 2006-01-18
by Reactive Software
MSN Messenger Password Recovery is the MSN password finder that instantly cracks and decrypts the MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger passwords stored on your computer. It can be used to recover your forgotten MSN password. Program works when the “Remember my Password” tickbox is checked in the messenger. All versions of MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger are supported. Multiple accounts are also supported.

Collapse Web Application Scanner
Added 2006-01-17
by Syhunt Security Team
Collapse, a free tool from Syhunt, allows web administrators to perform aggressive and comprehensive scans of an organization's web server to isolate vulnerabilities and identify security holes. The Collapse scanner requires basic inputs such as host names and port numbers to scan a complete web site and test all the web applications for security vulnerabilities. This new version supports multithreaded scanning of web servers

Softros LAN Messenger
Added 2006-01-17
by Softros Systems, Inc.
Softros LAN Messenger is a secure network messaging program for computer-to-computer exchange of messages and files through your corporate network (LAN, WAN etc). This serverless messaging software provides you with a secure, easy-to-use and cost-effective communication solution. - Secure instant messaging and conversations with strong encryption: In additional to classic instant messaging, Softros LAN Messenger provides a user-friendly conversation feature. All message exchanges are protected by a strong traffic encryption algorithm. - File transmission Exchange documents with your colleagues with ease. - User grouping Create and manage user groups in your user list. - Arrange your colleagues in groups by departments or titles. Group broadcast messages Want to notify all users or specified user groups about an event? It is easy with Softros LAN Messenger. - Serverless architecture You do not need to set up and maintain a dedicated messaging server on your network. Softros LAN Messenger is a stand-alone client application, saving you money by not needing a dedicated server. - Does not require an Internet connection Softros LAN Messenger does not require an Internet connection; it works inside your LAN or WAN, saving your Internet bandwidth and allowing you to minimize firewall openings that could allow outside attacks and IM worms. - Users rights limitation management Administrators can selectively restrict functions of Softros LAN Messenger for normal users. - Multilanguage user interface Use Softros LAN Messenger in your native language!

KeePass Password Safe
Added 2006-01-12
by Dominik Reichl
KeePass is a free/open-source password manager or safe which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key-disk. So you only have to remember one single master password or insert the key-disk to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish). The best password management software (for a single user) that I've seen.

Added 2005-12-13
by gh0sted
New release of Ktracker Security tools release tracker. New features have been added : Displaying modifying / added tools / New category VoIP / more than 5 new tools added to database.

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