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Category: Utilities » Passwords

Added 2003-03-21
by Carapace Solutions, Inc.
Simple Password Age Check for NT; command-line app that compares an NT/2000 user's password age to the maximum age defined by the password policy, outputting the amount of time left before the password expires.

Added 2003-03-04
by RUAUDEL Frédéric
GPassguard is a GTK+ frontend to the *PassGuard suite, which manages passwords in an encrypted file so that you only have to remember one. It uses the PassGuard Framework and can be interfaced with any kind of encryption via a plugin system. It allows you to copy passwords to the clipboard.

Added 2003-02-04
by Ben Maurer
NtDump allows the dumping of password hashes and LSA secrets on Windows NT computers. NtDump is small as so to reduce network traffic. It is also able to run in a batch-mode in which it can dump from multiple computers with maximum performance.

Lepton's Crack
Added 2002-12-18
by Nekromancer
Lepton's Crack is a generic password cracker. It is easily-customizable with a simple plugin system and allows system administrators to review the quality of the passwords being used on their systems. It can perform a dictionary-based (wordlist) attack as well as a brute force (incremental) password scan. It supports standard MD4 hash, standard MD5 hash, NT MD4/Unicode, and Lotus Domino HTTP password (R4) formats.

Added 2002-12-04
by Arne Vidstrom
PStoreView lists the contents of the Protected Storage. It usually contains things like Internet Explorer username and password autocomplete, and Outlook account names and passwords.

Safer Password Generator
Added 2002-11-14
by Tom Veatch
Safer Password Generator creates English-like passwords, although they are not English words, or even (usually) combinations of English words or names. So password-cracking algorithms which search for English words and names and combinations of them will have a very hard time with Sprex passwords.

Added 2002-10-16
by Aleksandar Boros
Mail Password Recovery allows you to recover your email password for any POP3 account, as long as it is stored in an email program on your computer. You just need to temporarily change the settings in your email program , so that it connects to Mail Password Recovery instead, and your password will be revealed. Mail Password Recovery works by emulating a local POP server, your email program hands over the password when it connects, and Mail Password Recovery will show it to you. Only works with email accounts/passwords that have the login information stored in your email program (Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat! etc.) Program can only recover the passwords that are stored on your computer Program does NOT recover passwords from web based email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc.

Added 2002-10-04
by IISSecurity.net
Pafwert generates patterned random passwords that are much easier to remember than totally random passwords. Most of the passwords it generates are very strong yet follow patterns that make them easier for humans to remember. Pafwert uses over 200 pattern algorithms and more than 300,000 words to generate trillions of password combinations.

Added 2002-09-09
by Dave Dribin
strip-dump is a command line interface to print Strip account information written in Perl. Strip is a password and account manager for the Palm computing platform from zetetic.net.

Added 2002-09-03
by NTSleuth
Brute force password guessing utility for Microsoft SQL Server. Ability to scan a range of IP addresses with an optional dictionary file. Ability to create an administrative NT backdoor account.

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