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Category: Access Control

Added 2005-11-30
by Gordon Ahn
1. Overview SwitchSniffer is a program that can scan your switched LAN for up hosts and can reroute and collect all packets without the target users' recognition. It can also detect the ‘arpspoofer’ program running on the network and block user definable sessions like firewall. If you use this program in tandem with any sniffer program, you can capture and see the users’ IDs and passwords on a switched network. 1.1 features: -. It can pull and collect all the packets on the LAN. -. It can scan and show the active hosts on the LAN within a very short time. -. While spoofing ARP tables, it can act as another gateway (or ip-forwarder) without other users' recognition on the LAN. -. It can collect and forward packets by selecting inbound, outbound, and both to be sent to the Internet. -. An ARP table is recovered automatically in a little time (about 30 seconds). But, this program can keep spoofing continuously with a periodic time. -. Although one or more network interface cards are installed on a computer, this program can scan and spoof by selecting one of NICs. -. It can get traffic information about the amount of data transferred to and from the internet including I session information. -. It can detect which computer is running an arpspoofer program on the local network. -. It can scan all hosts automatically on the network. -. It has a feature which filters or blocks sessions, local hosts and remote hosts. -. No more installation of winpcap driver. 1.2 Benefits: -. It can find out the hidden hosts on local area network. -. It can check out if abnormal hosts are connected on the wireless network. -. It protect your network from abnormal users. -. It can check out if there are abnormal packets on the local network. -. It can view users/passwords, chat sessions and web sessions etc., on the switch network by other application. 2. System Requirement 2.1 Local : Windows nt4/2000/xp/2003, 25MB free main memory, Network adapter which supports promiscuous mode. Remote : All computers including network devices must support Ethernet 3. Reference http://www.nextsecurity.net/

Added 2005-11-23
by SurveilleTech, LLC.
e-Surveiller is a powerful user-activity monitoring, logging and real-time surveillance software package. With it, you can monitor the activities of several computer users on standalone computers, on a local area network and on remote computers across the Internet. You view the screens of monitored users on a LAN or across the Internet in real-time! and it empowers you to save screen snapshots at any time. It stealthily records all keystrokes, Web site visits, all AOL, AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo chat conversations, all windows, applications, file changes etc. User-activity logs are periodically transferred, uploaded or emailed to you for analysis + more! Other features include password-protection, peer-to-peer network support, remote monitoring updates and a comprehensive user-activity log viewer.

Added 2005-11-18
GeSWall ensures safe use of the internet applications. It protects you from intrusions and damage from malicious software by isolating vulnerable applications. Isolation applies an access restriction policy that effectively prevents all kinds of attacks, known and unknown.

Coarse PortKnocking
Added 2005-11-03
by Andre Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira
This is a simple implementation of Port Knocking techniques. This sniffs network packets with determined keys and executes commands like firewall to open and close ports. In the client mode injects packets with key to server.

Added 2005-10-16
by SurveilleTech, LLC.
e-Surveiller is a powerful user-activity monitoring, logging and surveillance suite. With it, you can record all keystrokes, Web site visits, windows, AOL, AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo chats, etc. of computer users on standalone computers, on a local area network and on remote computers across the Internet. You view the screens of monitored users on a LAN or across the Internet in real-time! User-activity logs are also periodically uploaded or emailed to you for analysis + MORE!

Added 2005-08-17
by AdventNet
Integrated wlan security and Management tool. Identifies the vulnerabilities in the wlan, the intrusion attempts and mitigates wlan attacks. Helps in configuring the Access Points and in firmware upgrade.

Added 2005-08-12
by Armorlogic ApS
Profense is an application firewall that provides true proactive protection of web servers and web applications by implementing a positive security model.

Added 2005-04-20
by Umbrella
Umbrella is a security mechanism that implements a combination of Process-Based Access Control (PBAC) and authentication of binaries through Digital Signed Binaries (DSB). The scheme is designed for Linux-based consumer electronic devices ranging from mobile phones to settop boxes. Umbrella is implemented on top of the Linux Security Modules (LSM) framework. The PBAC scheme is enforced by a set of restrictions on each process.

Added 2005-04-11
by INL
NuFW performs an authentication of every single connections passing through the IP filter, by transparently requesting user's credentials before any filtering decision is taken. Practically, this brings the notion of user ID down to the IP layers.

Added 2005-04-11
by Foundstone Professional Services
The SecureUML Visio template defines a custom Unified Modeling Language (UML) dialect to help system architects build roles based access control systems (RBAC).

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