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Category: Access Control » Firewall

Added 2004-03-04
by Aras
fwall is a simple user-friendly firewall script for iptables. It is based on bash. It includes a configuration for 1-2 interfaces, port forwarding, DoS protection, and so on.

Coyote Linux
Added 2004-03-02
by Joshua Jackson
Coyote Linux is a single floppy distribution for people who have an Internet connection that they wish to share with other computers on a LAN. In addition to connection sharing, it also provides firewall services to help protect the internal network. The goal of the Coyote project is to make it as quick and easy as possible to share an Internet connection.

Shoreline Firewall
Added 2004-03-01
by Tom Eastep
Shorewall is an iptables-based firewall for Linux Systems. Its configuration is very flexible, allowing it to be used in a wide range of firewall/gateway/router environments.

LEAF (Bering-uClibc)
Added 2004-03-01
by LEAF Project Developers
LEAF (Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall) is an easy-to-use embedded Linux system that is meant for creating network appliances for use in small office, home office, and home automation environments. Although it can be used in other ways, it is primarily used as a gateway/router/firewall for Internet leaf sites.

Openwall Linux kernel patch
Added 2004-02-20
by Solar Designer
The Openwall Linux kernel patch is a collection of security "hardening" features for the Linux kernel. In addition to the new features, some versions of the patch contain various security fixes. The "hardening" features of the patch, while not a complete method of protection, provide an extra layer of security against the easier ways to exploit certain classes of vulnerabilities and/or reduce the impact of those vulnerabilities. The patch can also add a little bit more privacy to the system by restricting access to parts of /proc so that users may not see what others are doing.

Added 2004-02-16
by covox
CECID (The CEnsorship CIrcumvention Device) is a PHP script designed to anonymize and filter HTTP requests, especially for users behind restrictive firewalls (e.g. workplaces, schools, etc.). It remotely loads a page that a user specifies, and filters it for words on its 'weighted phrase list', a list of words commonly blocked by network administrators. It alters these words to avoid detection, and displays the page requested. It can also be used for anonymizing HTTP requests, for situations where cloaking and security are required.

ekkoBSD Firewall
Added 2003-12-29
by Rick Collette
ekkoBSD Firewall is a full-featured operating system with security enhancements, a state tracking packet filter, and a NAT firewall. Its features include firewall traffic shaping, an FTP proxy, an authenticating gateway, a complete logging facility, easy management with the administration tool set, IP address pooling (common address redundancy), and a state log daemon.

Gibraltar Firewall
Added 2003-12-29
by Rene Mayrhofer
Gibraltar is a Debian-based router/firewall distribution, fully workable from a bootable, live CD-ROM. Log files can be stored on a harddisk, and configuration data is stored on a floppy disk and kept on a RAM disk during run-time. It runs directly from the CD-ROM. The official ISO images of Gibraltar can be used freely but commercial distribution is restricted.

Added 2003-12-23
by Ivan Ristic
ModSecurity is an open source intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications. It operates embedded into the web server, acting as a powerful umbrella - shielding applications from attacks. ModSecurity supports Apache (both branches) today, with support for Java-based servers coming soon.

Added 2003-12-17
by neuro
SmoothWall is a popular Internet Security software package (based on Linux) offering automated modem/advanced ISDN autoprobing, ethernet ADSL/cable, USB ADSL (Alcatel Speed Touch Home only in 1.x; additional support for USR, Fuji, ECI, etc in 2.x), and multiple ethernet card support within 5 minutes of install. Web managed and with full facilities normally only seen in expensive commercial offerings, it also offers SSH, DHCP, and full firewall logging and auditing functionality.

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